Top Fastest Things: Fastest Roller Coaster "The Formula Rossa"

Fastest roller coaster in the world The Formula Rossa, ever heard of it? I bet most of the people around the world haven't heard of this monster. 

Remember the last time you rode a roller coaster? Do you ask for more? Why? Is it because it's fast? or is it because it's high? or because of the magical combination of both?

Let us find out more about this world record breaking stuff, and while were at it why don't we start from where this roller coaster is located. US? nope, it is located at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the place is called Ferrari World.   

There aren't a heck of a lot of indoor theme parks, but Ferrari World, at a whopping 925,000 sq. ft. (over 20 acres), is the world's largest. With Abu Dhabi's average temperatures reaching above 105 degrees F (41 degrees C) in the summer, the climate-controlled park is a welcome refuge for visitors.

Ferrari World 
Perhaps the most striking feature of the park is its enormous red-domed roof. Ferrari World says that the bright red structure is supposed to resemble a Ferrari GT body, but it might also be mistaken for a renegade mothership from a big-budget science fiction movie. (Then again, it's unlikely any "War of the Worlds" spacecraft that landed in the desert would sport a huge Ferrari logo, as does the park's dome.)

Ferrari World sky view
A hybrid Epcot-type pavilion/Six Flags-type amusement park/corporate hospitality center, Ferrari World showcases the legendary automaker through sophisticated dark rides and other cutting-edge theme park technology. It also reinforces Ferrari's racing legacy with coasters and other thrill rides. And it acts as an emissary of Italy by offering attractions and exhibits featuring the country's landmarks and culture along with Italian eateries.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi features Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster. It is designed to travel at speeds up to 240 km/h (149 mph). 
By comparison, Kingda Ka, the world's second-fastest coaster, reaches a top speed of 128 mph. The German coaster, ring racer (sic), is supposed to hit 135 mph when it opens (after a false 2009 start) in 2011. For more info about record-holding rides: The World's 10 Fastest Roller Coasters.

Felipe Massa & Fernando Alonso
Formula Rossa was manufactured by Intamin AG of Switzerland. It uses a hydraulic launch system (similar to the launch system used for Kingda Ka), and accelerates from 0 to 100 km (62 miles) in 2 seconds.

The coaster climbs 52m (171 feet), and riders experience 1.7 Gs. Formula Rossa starts inside the indoor theme park, accelerates through the dome, travels outside the park, and returns to the loading station inside the building. The train's cars have been made to look like flashy red Formula One Ferraris. Because of the speed and desert sand, riders are issued goggles.
- Speed of Magic- An immersive 4-D film presentation.

- V12- A dark ride that uses boats to travel through "12 cylinders of wonder."

- Made in Maranello- A motion simulator ride into Ferrari's factory.

- Viaggio in Italia- A Soarin'-type hang gliding simulator ride over Italy.

- Driving with Champions- Interactive 3-D show.

- The Pit Wall- An interactive experience that gives guests a chance to test their reflexes in racing simulations.

- The Racing Legends- A dark ride depicting the Ferrari story.

- Bell’Italia- Scale replicas of Italian landmarks.

This attraction is really amazing, although just watching the videos clearly not enough to entertain us, but still in some way it does feels like we are riding the fastest roller coaster in the world the formula rossa ^_^


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