Top 9 Funniest News Reporter Bloopers

I thought i'll share with you guys this funniest news reporter moments slash bloopers, lol.
Remember the moment where sometimes you're watching a reporter like every single day, and then he started to build an image of himself in viewers eyes, but suddenly you see this reporter reporting news, live, but on another channel, and his style has totally changed, he's not like what he used to be, how would you feel? i'm guessing that he accidentally speak out some words that he should not have said in a live tv program, i gotta searched for that video.
You might think i am talking nonsense here, but i've experience this kind of thing for a couple of times, i don't know about you guys.   

Okay then, let's just get back to the title now, here is the videos for you:

Caught On Tape
This video has become the latest news reporter blooper to become viral recently, i can't imagine how ashamed he is right now. He was enjoying the news way too much, looking at the sexy girls on screen.

What The F*** Are You Doing?
Who knows what happen right before she said that? Could be something between her and the old man beside her? Keep on guessing.

Who's the lead acrobatic? really?
Look at this video, you wont be able to tell who is the real star in it, i really can't think of any reason why this reporter would walk right in the sleds way, is he even have any reporting experience before, or he just to cocky to look the sleds up close. Only he knows.

Totally Not Her Fault
Who can stand not to laugh seeing this photo of a wife killer suspect, sorry but he kinda look like the younger version or Arnold there, LOL.

Don't Try This At Home + Never Give Up
This gal is like one of the bravest reporter i have ever seen, just take a look at these two videos and you'll know what i mean.
And Oops.. she did it again:

Try To NOT LOOK UP When You're Under A Bird's Nest 
This bird infestation becomes tragedy when the reporter decided that he would need to go there to see just how bad it was. But he intent not only to simply look at the tree, he also decided that he would need to stand under the tree and look up with his mouth open. Guess what? Take a look.

Let Me Try... Or Not?
I don't like snakes. I never have and I never will. That's why I can relate to this reporter who was forced to go in front of a camera and talk to a snake expert about the serpents he brought into the studio that day. Everything was fine until one of the snakes decided that the reporter would be his new best friend. I guess the reporter isn't looking for any new companions.

What Out !!! Oops..
I think we should call Chuck " Norris" Storm, after watching this video you'll know what i mean. 

Check Your Tongue Before You Talk
He suddenly slips, unfortunately this time what he accidentally said is a little bit out of the line.

Credits to all the video uploader, without them i'll never be able to post this article.
So that is it for now, the nine funniest news reporter bloopers for you all ^_^


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