Top 20 Anime Characters of All Time

It's always a pleasure finding out the top 20 Anime Characters of all time, right? but i guess it's not as fun as watching the anime of course, but still, here i wanna present to you the top 20 anime characters of all time, well at least for now, hehe...
I can't help it but hey this is my list and this is what i found on the internet too... what i'm trying to say is that it is too bad the list consist of mostly male characters. Really why can't i think of any more female characters that could be included into this list? if you readers happen to know any female anime character that you thought could be included, please let me know, i'll take a look for sure, and i'll definitely add them into this list if they deserve it.
I really hope this list at least will either entertain you or make you curious and go checkout their anime series. And one more thing, i quoted some real netizen's opinion about the characters so that you could check out what people have to say.
So here goes the list for you (randomly ordered as usual):

(Rurouni Kenshin & Rurouni Kenshin OVA Series)
top 20 anime characters of all time
His character is an honorable one that sticks to his beliefs and principles. Kenshin is also, in my opinion, the epitome of what a samurai should be. He is an example that people can change no matter  what they have done in the past. (lexinator)

Kenshin is a deep character who can only be judged knowing his complete history. One has to appreciate that he has a dark and a light side, that he remained pure in childhood despite having to kill, and in his willingness to repent. Kenshin's influence is unique, in that his high charisma allow him to gather a large group of loyal people. We also see his willingness to go back and complete his education, and his willingness to face the past and resolve issues, as with Enishi. His largest flaw is that he takes everything on his own shoulders, and he compensates for this through his relationship with Kaoru and with his friendships -- otherwise he would lose all will to do anything forever. It is easy to sympathize with and like Kenshin, and extremely difficult to hate him because he's not 100% good and not 100% bad. His priorities are a little off, as we see in the result that his son, Kenji, doesn't like him very much becuase he's always helping save Japan and never home. Still, Kenshin manages to grown and change, even after 15 years of wandering and everything else he's been through. As a character, he's roughly even with Ichigo from 'Bleach.' (

The man said to have had speed that made the gods envy. Himura's pure heart and manslayer side made him relatable to everyone. Of course, none us is secretly a manslayer, but we too have to face our own demons everyday. Perhaps his greatest influence on me was the notion of living to repent one's sins, not dying. (

(One Piece)
top 20 anime characters of all time
Monkey D. Luffy is an unlikely hero because of the way he acts. Very child-like, idiotic and blunt. However, those qualities make him a straight-forward and honest guy, which doesn't make him sway away from anything that he decides on doing. His courage is a contagious force and makes others follow such a hero. Monkey D. Luffy's legacy will not be known for his own accomplishments, but for helping others in need of true justice. (Anonymous)

He may not be the brightest person on the sea, but his heart is pure solid gold. He would do anything for his nakama, even die if necessary. He is always ready and willing to help and fight for the underdog, the oppressed, and those who cannot defend themselves. He never gives up or backs down until the wrongs are righted, the evil is vanquished, and the hurt and troubled are brought to safety. He is an inspiration to everyone he meets and helps to become stronger people themselves. He is steadfast in his convictions, brave beyond measure, a true, open friend and kindhearted to a fault. He is also one of the most bad-ass warriors in anime - he has honed his rubber body into a fierce fighting machine, creating and perfecting maneuvers that would be impossible for anyone else. You just DON'T mess with Luffy, his nakama, or the innocent, unless you want to get thoroughly thrashed. He uses his strength for the sake of others, not just for his own gains. These reasons, and more, are why he is my absolute number 1 pick. (
Definitely one of the most popular favorites. He is mad, but he also knows and values his friends. Like all animes, the thing that iconizes Luffy is his ambition. He knows what he wants, and at the same time, he knows that he cannot do it by himself to get there. Hence, he values his friends more than his life. Willing to sacrifice himself to tackle on the most difficult of opponents for his friends. I guess self-sacrifice, the value of friends and determination to win (aka kick the enemy flying) is what inconizes Luffy and what I like him alot. (

(Dragon Ball Z) 
top 20 anime characters of all time
The Great Hero of my generation. Goku is the strongest character seen in any anime. He haves an incredible amount of physical power, and an eveve greater will power. He cares a lot for his friends and family to the point of being willing to sacrifice him self for them. We get to enjoy a lot of Goku's life in the DB saga, how he is funny, a little clueless, incredibly strong, innocent, a good father, a good friend, calm person, and even if he isn't really one, he is really human. (satuross)
(One Piece)
top 20 anime characters of all time
Three sword style, the indestructible Rorona Zoro is truly one of my favorite bad-asses of all time. But its the back story that moves me more than the fights. As a youth, he and his greatest rival, also his best friend, sparred constantly. They swore, one day one of the two of them would be the greatest swordsman in the world. Before they could accomplish that, she died in an accident. The simple kind of accident that reminds you that even the great are mortal. To honor their promise, he adds her one sword style to his two sword style so that the two of them can, at least that way, be there together as Zoro fights his way across the sea to become the greatest. (Shardan)
(Hunter X Hunter)

top 20 anime characters of all time
Gon is cool. He is innocent and friendly. He is determined and stubborn. He is a really great friend and prioritizes what's important. He is a role model to everyone, even if he is still kinda young. (silever)
(Naruto TV Series)
top 20 anime characters of all time
Even though he's usually just a clown, when it comes down to it he will never give up. When he wanted to become braver he went hardcore, stabbed his hand and pledged to become better. He was treated like garbage by everyone as a kid but can still cherish his friends. His friends mean more to him than his life. (Xyphon)


top 20 anime characters of all time
Sasuke was, all along, much more than the typical "silent bad boy" of anime culture. With addictive sub plots that twist through the main story arcs, and character motives that remain hidden all along, Sasuke captured my attention, along with my fandom. (Anonymous)
top 20 anime characters of all time
Ichigo is a character who struggles with being different, and he's managed to adapt, in a way, to the attention that his hair colour gets, by being strong enough to deend himself and by getting good grades so he doesn't get much attention from teachers. Despite his reputation for gangster-like violence, he is also highly protective and accepting of most others, as with Sado and Inuoe. When it comes to his Shinigami power, Ichigo breaks all the rules, rising at such an extraordinary speed as to rival Byakuya, who slaughtered him initially. What makes Ichigo a great character is his ability to learn, change, and grow, as well as his resolve not to give up without a fight. At the same time, he's not perfect and he knows it. He just compensates for this successfully, which many other characters in anime do not. He is not weak or two-dimensional, and at the same time he is not all-powerful. Overall, Ichigo is a well-rounded character who can still learn, change, and grow unpredictably, a fact reflected in almost every other Bleach character who stands with him. (Anonymous)

Even though he's so powerful, he's just a teenager, and I feel this is very well conveyed both in manga and anime. He makes a lot of stupid mistakes and it makes him the more human and just plain sweet. ^^ Besides I believe orange-haired guys are just plain cool. (

One of my favourite shounen manga/anime heroes, not only is he tall compared to the usuall 15 year old protoganists, but also carries a huge soul slayer to cut down his enemies, and best of all: he doesnt hesitate to run his enemies through with his if he deems it necessary. (

(School Rumble)

top 20 anime characters of all time
He's the perfect representation of the tough guy with a heart of gold. Harima's honest take on life creates both drama and comedy. Throughout School Rumble, it is impossible to not root for Harima. (TomWorth)

(Cowboy Bebop)

top 20 anime characters of all time 
Spike's pure bad-assery and devil-may-care attitude coupled with his ability to defeat any adversary that blocks his path, whether it be human, machine or anything else, and his die-hard stubborn idea that his one true love is still waiting, puts him in the upper ranks of the top 100 characters of all time. (StrykerBlue)


(Fullmetal Alchemist TV Series)

top 20 anime characters of all time 
Complicated and most definitely three dimensional, from the very beginning of the series, Ed gets his development underway. Tragedy-stricken and obsessive, Ed is far from perfect, yet he is a powerful character. A mix of all things that make a good character good, Ed also carries the mark of his mistakes around with him. It is a constant reminder that Ed is as flawed as the rest of us. No matter how cool he may be, he is still human, and someone we can all relate to. (Anonymous)
(Full Metal Panic)

top 20 anime characters of all time
Sousuke is, at times, a complex character. He shows little emotion amongst his comrades and has a very hard time expressing himself. When comes to how he feels for Kaname, he can't really come out and say the "L" word. But it is because of that that makes him such a funny and cool character. Every he does whether it's going out on a date or watching a movie, he just can't get his mind out of the battlefield, exaggerating at the slightest thing and causing a mess in the end.(Ps2mark1189)

(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) 

top 20 anime characters of all time 
Funny, quirky and a strong willed personality make her an attractive character - as well as being slightly insane.. haha. (hyperlink)

Who wants normal!?!?! We get that everyday of our least we think so, because we're so insignificant to grand spectrum of the world. Crazy antics and unquestionable motivation, Haruhi shows us that everyday normal is merely a cover story for the abnormal. Haruhi Suzumiya gets my vote as one of the characters of all time! (

Her character is simply unforgettable: Smart, energetic, a bit egotistic, and very unexpected. One can't help but love the girl. Hats off to our little miss chairman of the S.O.S. Brigade! (

(Great Teacher Onizuka a.k.a GTO)

top 20 anime characters of all time 
He is by far the coolest teacher you can ever get. The guy may not help you with your math homework, but if you jump from a building he'll break your fall (at the same time breaking the sunroof of a Toyota). (Ps2mark1189)

Quirky and distinctive to say the least - can you imagine a teacher like this? The most unlikely person you'd expect to be doing what he does, and I like how he's different. (

Here he is. The original anime badass. Great Teacher Onizuka!!! (

top 20 anime characters of all time
Son of Konoha's White Fang, Kakashi is undoubtedly one of the most skilled ninjas in the series. However, it is not just the skills that make the man. His serious, yet carefree, attitude make him one the coolest ninjas as well! (Anonymous)

top 20 anime characters of all time
OH GOD this is a great guy! He can make you laugh at one moment and then go “THAT KICKS ASS!� the next. He has super speed, perfect accuracy, and the will to do anything for anyone no matter if they are good or evil, even if it costs him his body or his dignity. He is the greatest cowboy to ever live on another planet and he has the greatest goal in life ever to be thought up: LOVE AND PEACE. (nwf)


(Hikaru No Go) 
top 20 anime characters of all time
He does not forget those who have helped him before and strives to achieve his dream no matter what. (livinghell09)

top 20 anime characters of all time
Pikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ Pikachu) is an Electric-type Pokémon.
It evolves from Pichu when leveled up with high happiness, and evolves into Raichu when exposed to a Thunderstone.
Pikachu is popularly known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise and a major representative of Nintendo's collective mascots.
It is the version mascot of Pokémon Yellow, where it is the only starter Pokémon in that game, and has made numerous appearances on the boxes of spin-off titles.


top 20 anime characters of all time
Tsubasa Oozora (大空 翼 Ōzora Tsubasa?) is the main character of the cartoon and anime series Captain Tsubasa, authored by Yoichi Takahashi. The name literally translates to "Big Sky Wings". A prodigious soccer player, Tsubasa dreams of one day winning the FIFA World Cup for Japan. His position is midfielder and sometimes plays as forward, usually wearing jersey #10.


top 20 anime characters of all time
Yusuke Urameshi (浦飯 幽助, Urameshi Yūsuke) is the main protagonist of the anime series YuYu Hakusho. Voiced by Nozomu Sasaki in the original Japanese and Justin Cook in the English dub. He is called Eugene in the Filipino adaptation of the anime.

That's all i need to make it the top 20 anime characters of all time, see you next ^_*


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