Top 10 Best Free PC Games of 2012

This top 10 best free pc games of 2012 is a follow up to my previous posts, that is top 10 free flash games of 2011 and top 10 best free mmorpg of 2011, only this time, it's not flash game and it's not a mmorpg, this list mostly filled with free games that are so popular to the ones that are made by fans or independent game developers. It's a very balanced list too, because i went from nothing to making this list from the inspiration of all the netizen's comments on lots of "best free games"' articles. I also include honorable mentions list on the bottom of this article because there are too much quality free pc games out there, i mean it, it's really too much.

top 10 best free pc games of 2012
Here you go, check out for yourself:
We will play this one, why? one reason only: Valve. You can team up with three friends to survive in a deep-space alien infestation. When you're done, expect mods to be ready.

The very famous online FPS multiplayer is finally ready to play for free, what are you waiting for?

IGN's 17th best game of all time, Gamespot's one of the greatest games of all time, 3rd place in Gamespot's Ten Best Endings , 8th place in Gamespot's Reader's choice - Ten Best Gameworlds listing. what else do you need to know?

It is a top down space shooter and has RPG elements in it, it features: explore dozens of randomly generated star systems. No two games are ever the same. Fight over a hundred different kinds of enemy ships and stations, each with distinct abilities. Loot wreckage to obtain more powerful weapons, armor, and shields. Or purchase them at dozens of different friendly stations. Escort transports for Korolov Shipping, smuggle illegal items for the Black Market, or join the Commonwealth Fleet and fight against the Ares Orthodoxy.
Tons of weapons, a great story line with multiple endings(good and bad),lots of levels,new environments, engaging gameplay, diverse boss fights and everything just packed into a minute file! Its just WOW!! 

Beneath a Steel Sky was a pretty spiffy cyberpunk point-and-click adventure set in a dystopian future Australia, featuring comic art by Dave Gibbons and some pretty good voice acting for the time. Also, it featured a protagonist named after a beer can and an AI sidekick who could be installed in different robot bodies through the course of the adventure. Although it was never a huge seller, the game garnered universal critical acclaim when it came out. Its re-release as freeware has finally won it some delayed, but much deserved attention.

Little Fighter 2 offers some of the best 2D fighting action around. Basic controls are easy enough for anyone to figure out and special moves will give you a fighting advantage once you learn the combos. The few minor problems pale in comparison to the rest of this great game. If you like any kind of fighting game, or are even remotely interested, this is a great, free game to download.
This might be the most creative adventure game you have ever played, features : Unique dual story gameplay. multiple endings, english and japanese language, loads of graphical effects, dynamic music system, exciting and bizarre stories, cool interactive manual, add your name to the online Hall of Completion, Gods, aliens, samurai, and Charlton Heston

Playing Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX) is like playing several classic Mario games at once. Combining elements from SMB 1, 2, 3 and SMB World, SMBX provides a truly unique side scrolling Mario experience. Play as Mario or Luigi in any of the three adventures offered. With all of your favorite power-ups and characters (including Yoshi) this game brings it all in one completely free package.

Have you ever watched the hit television series Lost and wondered what your chances would be of surviving while stranded on a remote island? Stranded II gives you the opportunity to do just that. Following the catastrophic destruction of your vessel, you remain the sole survivor with only a few possessions including a small amount of food, minimal first aid provisions, and a few vials of fresh water and therefore must learn how to gather such essentials on your own.

Honorable mentions:
Quadrax Series - A freeware logical game since 2000, very famous among puzzle game lovers.
League of Legends - Join millions of players in an award winning Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Download and play today! - Terrifyingly addictive, and possibly even a little educational… - Lots of freeware games here.

This is the least i can give you, the top 10 best free PC games of 2012, hope you would give them a try ^_^


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