Today we add to our collection of the top girls category, this is the top 10 sexiest women swimmers alive 2012, not really completing the already filled category, but rather to start pleasuring most men seeking for some lust effort, just to remind you all, we already shared


Still i'd like to present to you the top 5 most popular sesame street characters, even though most people probably already know about this, and the other reason that make me post this entry is that my niece loves elmo so much, she just can't take her eyes off this


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Top 10 Sexiest Korean Woman Alive 2011

Top 10 sexiest korean woman alive, for those of you who are not familiar, the korean intertainment industry is very prrosperous in east asia, it offers a great deal of influence across asian countries.

Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World

Here it is the top 10 of the most beautiful places in the world, probably... It makes it more amazing that some of these places actually made from natural will, could you believe that?

Top 8 Best Movies With Surprise Ending

This is the list of that kind of movie that actually makes us think hard to tell the ending of a movie, then when we do have any idea of how the movie might end, turn out we were wrong....

Daily Treat: 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration

It's the year 2012, the year of the water dragon for the chinese people and actually for the rest of the world too, check out these beautiful collection of photos from the chinese new year celebration....


What is in your mind when hearing the word hacker? People dressed like nerds with thick glasses? Get rid of that as the first image. As it turns out, check out this girls below, they are the top 5 sexiest...


3D Street Art is not just a regular picture, because to make it, the required accuracy in measuring objects and estimating that it is painted so that it can produce three-dimensional paintings that seem alive and real....


I guess we gotta admit that most of us will never visit the Arctic Circle, so instead we can take a look at the top 13 of the most exotic arctic animals on earth - and the inhabitants of northern regions are very pleased with it.

Top Animals: Animal You Should Avoid, The Botfly

Of course we've all heard about parasites before, it's that kind of animals you should avoid, the botfly who spend some part of their lives depending on other creature's body. Well, we mostly heard about the ones that parasitise mamals, like on cows, deer, etc, but have you ever heard a species of fly which parasitise humans when they are at larvae period, the name is dermatobia hominis, (Greek δέρμα, skin + βίος, life, and Latin hominis, of a human), it is one of several species of fly the larvae of which parasitise humans (in addition to a wide range of other animals, including other primates).

It is also known as the torsalo or American warble fly, even though the warble fly is in the genus Hypoderma and not Dermatobia and is a parasite on cattle and deer instead of humans.
Animals You Should Avoid, The Botfly
Female Adult Bot Fly
Dermatobia fly eggs have been shown to be vectored by over 40 species of mosquitoes and muscoid flies, as well as one species of tick; the female captures the mosquito and attaches its eggs to its body, then releases it. Either the eggs hatch while the mosquito is feeding on human genitals, and the larvae use the mosquito bite area as the entry point, or the eggs simply drop off the muscoid fly when it lands on the skin. The larvae develop inside the subcutaneous layers, and after approximately eight weeks, they drop out to pupate for at least a week, typically in the soil. The adults are small gray flies resembling a blowfly.
Animals You Should Avoid, The Botfly
bot fly in the feet
This species is native to the Americas from Mexico to northern Argentina and Chile, though it is not abundant enough (nor harmful enough) ever to attain true pest status. Since the fly larvae can survive the entire eight-week development only if the wound does not become infected, it is rare for patients to experience infections unless they kill the larva without removing it completely. It is even possible that the fly larva may itself produce antibiotic secretions that help prevent infection while it is feeding.

Recently, physicians have discovered that venom extractor syringes can remove larvae with ease at any stage of growth. As these devices are a common component of first-aid kits to deal with snakebites, this is an effective and easily accessible solution.
Animals You Should Avoid, The Botfly
bot fly in the head, ouch !!
A larva has been successfully removed by first applying several coats of nail polish to the area of the larva's entrance, weakening it by partial asphyxiation.

Covering the location with adhesive tape would also result partial asphixiation and weakening of the larva, but is not recommended because the larva's breathing tube is fragile and would be broken during the removal of the tape, leaving most of the larva behind.
Animals You Should Avoid, The Botfly
Check out where this creature resides, watch out when you are there
Also check out this video to be more cautious :
Petroleum jelly or vaseline can also be applied over the location, which prevents air from reaching the larva, suffocating it. It can then be squeezed out.

This creature is definitely one of those animals that you should really avoid, it's the bot fly, remember that ^_^

Top 30 Best Guinness World Records Of 2011

This is the top 30 of the best guinness world records of 2011, we're in for the ultimate list of world records for the year of 2011. Nothing else is more entertaining than knowing more about that people who breaks records in any possible category, although sometimes the records that they are attempting to broke are so unthinkable ^_^
From physical abnormalities, achievements, to gaming highest scores... All is here. Hopefully this interesting set of information could even give you ideas of making your name into the list, nothing is impossible you know?
Looking back at how the whole records thing become so famous, on May 4, 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, then the managing director of the Guinness Brewery, went on a shooting party in North Slob in County Wexford, Ireland. He became involved in an argument over which was the fastest game bird in Europe, then later realized it was impossible to confirm in reference books. He then thought that a book supplying answers to such questions could be popular.
The first 197-page edition of the “Guinness Book of Records” was bound on Aug. 27, 1955, and went on to the top of the British best-seller list by Christmas. Over 400 million copies have sold since the first edition. The most recent one to hit the shelves is the “Guinness World Records 2011.”

Longest Nose

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
The longest nose on a living person measures 8.8 cm (3.46 in) long from the bridge to the tip and belongs to Mehmet Ozyurek (Turkey). It was measured on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on March 18, 2010

Highest Guitar Hero 3 score by a female

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
Annie Leung holds the record for the highest score by a female gamer on Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock: 789,349 points playing “Through the Fire and Flames” on the expert setting.
World’s largest shoe

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
This bad boy is 18.04 feet long, 6.92 feet wide and 9.51 feet high, and it’s an exact replica of a Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. What size would it be? UK size 845. Designers used a Converse Chuck Taylor All Star European size 39 as a model. The Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp unveiled the massive shoe on Nov. 17 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Largest maple leaf
top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
Nine-year-old Joseph Donato poses with the largest maple leaf, 34.61 cm wide and 29.21 cm long (13.63 in. by 11.5 in.), discovered in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, in October 2010. The leaf was presented on Canada’s Breakfast TV in celebration of Giunness World Records Day 2010.

Oldest twins in the world
top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
Sisters Ena Pugh, right, and Lily Millward have been confirmed as the oldest twins in the world at 100 years and 10 months. Both live in the United Kingdom.

Most arrows caught by hand

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
Joe Alexander catches 43 arrows from the air, shot by German archers Peter Dubberstein and Robin Puls in Germany. Alexander caught 43, and the record to beat was 36.

Most bottles recycled by a dog

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
A Labrador called Tubby, owned by Sandra Gilmore of Pontnewydd, Torfaen, UK, has helped recycle an estimated 26,000 plastic bottles over the past six years by collecting them on his daily walks, crushing them and passing them to his owner.

Most concrete blocks broken while holding a raw egg

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011

Joe Alexander, of Germany, breaks 24 concrete blocks, assembled in three stacks of 8 while holding a raw egg in the hand of the arm used for breaking the blocks. After the third stack had been broken the egg was still unbroken. The record to beat was 14 and the final result was 24.
Biggest bottle cap scultpure
top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
Alistair Galpin poses with the largest bottle cap sculpture, made of 19,205 caps, in Auckland, New Zealand. The caps were used to create a sculpture in the shape of rugby ball. It took 18 months to complete and was finished to unveil on Guinness World Records Day.

Largest Super Mario collection

top 30 best guiness world records of 2011
Mitsugu Kikai of Japan owns the largest collection of Super Mario memorabilia, comprising 5,400 individual items.

Top Stories: Italian Breaks Underwater Cycling Record

Here's Another great story for you to enjoy, underwater cycling? Have you ever done that? well, you don't need to do it anymore because there's at least 2 person in this world who has done such things, so it's really old stuff already.
But, i have to brought up this story as one of the top ones because this time, this one guy from Milan, Italy breaks the world record of deepest underwater cycling record, starting to sound interesting huh? keep on reading.^_^
Lowered into the sea by a team of local scuba divers, Mr Innocente mounted the bike at a depth of 92ft (28m) and rode along a 360ft (110m) long underwater slope, dodging mud pools and rocky outcrops.
Continuing his descent, Mr Innocente, 62, smashed his own previous world record of 197ft (60m) which he set three years ago. 
Italian Breaks Underwater Cycling Record
The Milan-born Italian set the new record in the waters of Portofino's maritime marine reserve, at midday on Monday.

He took nine minutes of deep sea pedalling to reach the 213ft (65m) mark.

"It was tough because I ran into more mud than I expected," he says.

"I had to click up a gear to make pedalling easier".

The world record was verified by the judge of the World Guinness Records, Lucia Sinigagliesi, who had come from London specifically to witness the record attempt.
Mr Innocente, who undertakes these record attempts for charity, says he is on a mission to prove that mountain bikes can be ridden anywhere.

Having travelled to the wilds of Alaska and the plains of Kenya proving his point, Mr Vittorio decided seven years ago to combine his cycling with his other great passion, scuba diving. 
Italian Breaks Underwater Cycling Record
Mr Innocente says that he first had the idea for underwater bike riding whilst leading a group of German tourists scuba diving off the island of Elba, 25 years ago.

He says that when one member of the group simply found an old bicycle on the seabed, he picked it up and began to ride it.

Following this world record, it is clear that Mr Innocente dominates the world of underwater cycling.

In 2001 he also set the speed record for underwater cycling when he pedalled 1,200m in a swimming pool at an average speed of 87 cm/second.

The Scuba diver's success in breaking the record of underwater cycling will not cease others to creates more and more record, then it means more and more top stories for us, YAY!! ^_^

Top Rituals: Amazing Famadihana, Dancing With The Dead

Have you ever wondering about rituals from all around the world? have you heard of "Famadihana, dancing with the dead"? There must be a lot of unbelievable rituals like this one from other side of this planet earth, right? This is the start of the series regarding that topic.

Hopefully, we could witness the most bizarre rituals from any side of this planet earth. From here on, you will be teased with any rituals that will amaze you, and it is coming for more, probably even more than what you can take, so just sit back and enjoy this ride of the beginning ^_^
Amazing Famadihana Ritual Dancing With The Dead
Famadihana is a funerary tradition of the Malagasy people in Madagascar. Known as the turning of the bones, people bring forth the bodies of their ancestors from the family crypts and rewrap them in fresh cloth, then dance with the corpses around the tomb to live music.
Amazing Famadihana Ritual Dancing With The Dead
The Famadihana custom appears to be a custom of somewhat recent origin, perhaps only since the seventeenth century in its present form, although it may be an adaptation of premodern double funeral customs from Southeast Asia. The custom is based upon a belief that the spirits of the dead finally join the world of the ancestors after the body's complete decomposition and appropriate ceremonies, which may take many years. In Madagascar this became a regular ritual usually once every seven years, and the custom brings together extended families in celebrations of kinship.
Amazing Famadihana Ritual Dancing With The Dead
The practice of Famadihana is on the decline due to the expense of silk shrouds and opposition from some Christian organizations. Evangelical Protestants discourage the custom, although the Catholic Church no longer objects because it regards Famadihana as purely cultural rather than religious. As one Malagasy man explained to the BBC, It's important because it's our way of respecting the dead. It is also a chance for the whole family, from across the country, to come together.

Check out this video:

Amazing Famadihana Ritual Dancing With The DeadThe Famadihana is one of the most popular festivals in Madagascar. It is a traditional festival and is celebrated in both urban and rural areas of the country, though it is especially popular among the tribal communities. The Famadihana is also held to give respect to the dead through the transference of the bones to a permanent dwelling place. The family of the razana saves funds all year to celebrate the festival. The burial tomb is constructed with much care and it is considered to act as the link between the dead and the living. The relatives of the dead dress themselves well and go to the tomb to see the remains of the deceased. Relatives, friends and other near and dear ones are invited to the event. The event is organized to occur every 2 to 7 years.

The festival also consists of animal sacrifices and various traditional forms of celebration. The meat of the slain animal is distributed among the relatives and the friends. There are traditional song and dance performances which are performed by the family members or from the favorites of the razana (the dead). The main motive behind the festival originated from the belief of the local people that the dead return to God and are again reborn. Dead people are highly respected in the local communities as they are considered to be directly related to God.
Amazing Famadihana Ritual Dancing With The Dead
So, do you believe what you just read, that must be a great addition to our limited knowledge, right? the uniqueness of this huge world and grand society can't stop to amaze us, now with this amazing famadihana ritual, dancing with the dead, what's next? ^_^

Top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Animals On Earth

Another top ten added into our collection, this time it's the top 10 most poisonous venomous animals on earth ^_^ We humans should know about this, because you never know whether or not someday in the future you could end up in an isolated jungle with only yourself.
At least, when we were faced with that kind of situation then, we knew the ten most dangerous animals on the planet, helping us in avoiding death for at least a little longer than before.
The animals listed here are various from the ones that lives in the ocean to those that stays on the landside.
Sometimes we always wonder why does beautiful sometimes comes with a price, that sentence really shows what venomous animals is about, you see most of the most poisonous / venomous animals on earth are physically very beautiful to see, check out below:
Box Jellyfish
Top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Animals On Earth

Box jellyfish are best known for the extremely powerful venom possessed by some of their species. The Chironex fleckeri and the Carukia barnesi (Irukandji) species are amongst the most venomous creatures in the world. Stings from such species are excruciatingly painful, either initially or as an after-effect, and are often fatal to their prey and sometimes even for humans. However, not all species of Box Jellyfish are this dangerous to humans.
King Kobra
Top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Animals On Earth
The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake. Found in south east Asia. It can grow more than five meters in length. It eats smaller snakes and is called snake eater. Its single bite can kill a human. It injects large quantity of venom in a single bite, though its venom is less toxic but it injects five times more venom than any other snake causes death of a victim. Its bite is also capable of killing big animals like Giraffe and elephants.
Cone Snail
Top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Animals On Earth

This little beautiful looking Cone snail can be as deadly as any other animal on this list. One drop of its venom is powerful enough to kill more than 20 humans. If you ever happen to be in warm salt water environment (where these snails are often found) and see it, don’t even think of picking it up. Of course, the true purpose of its venom is to catch its prey, and not to kill you.
Symptoms of a cone snail sting can start immediately or can be delayed in onset for days. It results in intense pain, swelling, numbness and tingling. Severe cases involve muscle paralysis, vision changes and breathing failure. There is no antivenom. However, only about 30 human deaths have been recorded from cone snail envenomation. The cone snail uses a “harpoon” loaded with venom that it launches with a muscular contraction to inject its prey.
Blue Ringed Octopus
Top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Animals On Earth

It is a small size octopus, a size of a golf ball. Its venom is capable of killing human. This small animal carries enough venom to kill 25 people. There is no anti venom for its deadliest venom. Its has a pain less bite always makes you feel a harmless bite but its poisonous venom starts working on body very fast, it begin with muscular weakness numbness and breathing problem and ultimately resulting death. They are found in salty waters of Japan and Australia.
Top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Animals On Earth

Stonefish is a genus of fish of the family Synanceiidae, the Stonefishes, whose members are venomous, dangerous, and even fatal to humans. It is the most venomous fish in the world. They are found in the coastal regions of Indo-Pacific oceans. Synanceia are primarily marine, though some species are known to live in rivers. Its species have potent neurotoxins secreted from glands at the base of their needle-like dorsal fin spines which stick up when disturbed or threatened. The vernacular name of the species, the stonefish, derives from being able to camouflage and transform itself to a grey and mottled color similar to the color of a stone. Divers have sometimes stepped on them, thinking they are stones.

Top 10 Best Tennis Matches Of All Time

Today, we take our time to check out the top 10 best tennis matches, tennis has been a very popular sports in the world, even among celebrities and even stars from other sports. Roger Federer is currently the ones with the most fans out there even though he's not ranked as world number 1 anymore.
Rafael Nadal is the left-handed tennis player from Spain who's famous with his own "banana shot" technique, he's also a player that is known for his enormous fighting spirit and never give up struggle. 
Novak Djokovic is a Serbian Tennis player who was once scolded by many tennis fans as the joker of tennis, they hated him because he could defeated the best tennis player that everyone loves, Roger Federer for several times, but now that they knew he's just a bad boy, Novak seems to have earn so many loyal fans.
There's definitely a lot more to come from these three current best player in the world, for now let us take you to the top 10 best matches from tennis in general.  
Top 10 Best Tennis Matches Of All TimeTop 10 Best Tennis Matches Of All Time

Roger Federer vs Marat Safin 
(2005 Australian Open)
Safin was focused and on his game. He had lost only two sets before meeting Roger Federer, in the semifinals. Marat Safin came back from a set down twice in the match and then proved his mettle by outlasting Roger Federer in a fourth set tiebreak, and then 9-7 in the fifth set.

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal 
(2008 Wimbeldon Final) 
Federer was the underdog in this match, which appeared to be the case after Rafael Nadal took a two-set leadl, but Federer battled back in two straight tiebreakers while saving two match points along the way. But Nadal won the fifth and tie breaking set in the 15th game.

Goran Ivanisevic vs. Patrick Rafter 
(2001 Wimbeldon Final)
This classic match feature big serves, cool-handed winners, and nervous errors,. Ivanisevic earned a critical break to go ahead 8-7 in the final set and won the match. As he did so, he collapsed on the court in tears having fulfilled his dream of winning Wimbeldon

Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal 
(2009 Madrid Semifinal)

Top Stories: The Best Win In Football History By American Samoa

I'm gonna tell you now the best win in football history in my point of view is not the one from the best clubs in the world or else, but it comes from how it felt like for an entire country, American Samoa, have you heard of it? nope, i guess not, except you are a very dedicated football fans, you wouldn't know about it. You see, this national team was known as the lowest leveled football team, for the last 2 decades they have gone through 30 consecutive lost in international level, they even lost 0-31 to Australia which makes Australia to set a world record for the largest victory in an international football match. But recently they just broke the losing streak record as they claimed their first victory against Tonga, 2-1. What a sweet sweet victory, right?
Check out the highlights below:
The Best Win In Football History By American Samoa

Let's look back at the nightmare past:
Australia - American Samoa (31-0) - April 11, 2001
The Best Win In Football History By American Samoa
Australia fielded a team filled with several rarely-used players as many regulars were either rested or omitted from the team. Strikers John Aloisi and Damian Mori who combined for 10 goals in the 22–0 win over Tonga were also omitted for this match. The American Samoa team were troubled by passport issues, with only one member of their original 20-man senior team, goalkeeper Nicky Salapu, eligible to play. American Samoa were also unable to call their under-20 players because most of them were involved in high school exams at the time. Therefore, they were forced to draft in their youth players, including three 15-year-old players, to put together a makeshift team with an average age of 18. 

According to team manager and Football Federation American Samoa vice-president Tony Langkilde, most of the Samoan players never played a full 90-minute game before the match with Australia. American Samoa held Australia scoreless for the first ten minutes of play until Con Boutsianis scored Australia's first goal from a corner kick. Archie Thompson scored his first goal in the 12th minute, while his strike partner, David Zdrilic, added his first goal a minute later. Tony Popovic added two successive goals in the 17th and 19th minute to extend Australia's lead into 6–0. In the 25th minute, Zdrilic achieved a hat-trick, making the score 9-0 for Australia. Thompson then scored 6 of the next 7 goals as Australia led 16–0 at the half. Thompson led Australia in scoring with 8 goals at halftime, with Zdrilic trailing with 4 goals.
Boutsianis, who scored the first goal of the first half, scored the first goal of the second half in the 50th minute. Boutsianis later added another goal to complete his hat-trick. Thompson and Zdrilic added 5 and 4 goals to finish with 13 and 8 goals respectively. Boutsianis finished with 3 goals, while Popovic, Aurelio Vidmar and Simon Colosimo scored 2 goals each, and substitute Fausto De Amicis scored one goal. In the 86th minute, despite being down by 29 goals, American Samoa managed to launch an attack towards Australia's goal when Pati Feagiai had a shot, which was saved by Michael Petkovic. That shot was American Samoa's first and only shot on Australia's goal.

The large number of goals created a confusion over the correct scoreline. At the end of the match, the scoreboard at the stadium showed a 32–0 and Thompson was credited with 14 goals. Only after the statistician did a recount, the 31–0 scoreline was announced, and Thompson's total goals count was reduced to 13. After the match,  went on to release the official statistics after receiving the official report from the referee and match officials, which confirm the 31–0 scoreline and Thompson's 13 goals.

So, they could be the team that once remembered as the lowest national football team about 2 decades ago, but with their first win since then against Tonga 2-1, now they could recreate a new history for the next years to come, that's why the win against tonga probably is the best win in football history ^_^

Top Athletes: The Best Artistic Gymnast In The World, Kohei Uchimura

We present to you the best artistic gymnast in the world, Kohei Uchimura, the living young legend from far most east of the world, where the sun shines first is by far the best one in the sport. Just to remind you this is a follow up from my previous blog entry about the top athletes around us, Donald Bratman the greatest batsman in the world, while sir Bratman could achieve the best test batting average of 99.94 that has been claimed to be statistically the greatest achievement in any major sport, the other batsman could only score 60.97. Kohei Uchimura is not only the first male gymnast to win 3 all-around titles, but he is also the first gymnast to win 3 consecutive all-around titles.

Best Artistic Gymnast In The World Kohei Uchimura
Kohei Uchimura
Kōhei Uchimura (January 3, 1989) is a Japanese artistic gymnast. He is a two-time Olympic silver medalist (all around and team) and a nine-time World medalist (all around, team, floor, high bar, and parallel bars). He is famous for winning three consecutive world all around titles (2009, 2010 and 2011) and for delivering difficult and accurately executed routines. His gymnastics skills were praised by the International Gymnast Magazine as a "combination of tremendous difficulty, supreme consistency and extraordinary elegance of performance".

Kohei Uchimura The Best Artistic Gymnast In The World
Kohei Uchimura's Year in Review:
Kohei Uchimura The Best Artistic Gymnast In The World

Kohei Uchimura 
In October 2009 Uchimura competed at the 2009 World Championships. Here, he dominated both the qualifications and the all around final. He won the all around title by a margin of 2.575 points ahead of Daniel Keatings, marking top scores for floor, rings, vault, and horizontal bar. Uchimura also placed fourth on floor and sixth on high bar. He appeared on the cover of the December 2009 number of the International Gymnastics Magazine which was entitled "Uchimura rules".

On October 2010 Uchimura was a member of the Japanese team at the 2010 World Championships. As in the previous year he dominated the qualifications and the all around final, winning his second consecutive all around title by a margin of 2.251 points ahead of Philipp Boy. During the all around final he had the highest score of the day on floor and the highest execution mark (9.666) for a Yurchenko 21⁄2 twists on vault. He also contributed to Japan's team silver medal by competing the team final on all events except still rings. He qualified for two event finals, winning silver on floor and bronze on parallel bars.

Kohei Uchimura The Best Artistic Gymnast In The World
Best Artistic Gymnast In The World Kohei Uchimura
Kohei Uchimura
On October 14, 2011, Uchimura won the all-around final for the 3rd time at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Uchimura won by a margin of 3.101 points, roughly the same margin that separated 2nd and 14th place. Not only is he the first male gymnast to win 3 all-around titles, but he is also the first gymnast to win 3 consecutive all-around titles. Uchimura qualified for 5 of the 6 apparatus finals (all except vault). 
Kohei Uchimura The Best Artistic Gymnast In The World
He won his first world event gold medal on floor exercise as well as a bronze medal on high bar and the silver medal with the Japanese team. At these Worlds, Uchimura also won the Longines Prize for Elegance along with Romania's Ana Porgras. The prize is given to the male and female gymnasts who demonstrate "the most remarkable elegance". Unanimously declared the winners by a panel of judges, Uchimura and Porgras were each awarded a trophy, Longines watch, and $5000USD. Uchimura was especially pleased to win this award, since he collects watches.
In November 2011, Uchimura won 4 gold medals at the 65th Japanese Championships. Besides the all-around title, he also picked up titles on half of the apparatuses: floor exercise, pommel horse, and high bar.
Kohei Uchimura The Best Artistic Gymnast In The World
He's not only too talented, but he's also very young, and already a legend, it's obvious that there's a lot more world records to be broken by the current best artistic gymnast in the world, Kohei Uchimura ^_^ 

Top Doomsday Prophecies 2012

Although most people don't like it, let's just take a moment to look at the top 10 doomsday prophecies 2012 that failed to happen in the past, and the ones that's about to come. We all of course aware that only God knows when the world will end, but let's just not take away attention away off the people who believed that in a specific time in the coming time the world will end in many different ways imaginable.
Our grandparents probably heard from from our ancestors, then our parents learned from our grandparents and we obviously learned from our parents that the world we lived in is created from scratch by God.
We and probably most people should be really taught that God lend us our living time to stay in this planet, but it doesn't give us the right to do anything we want to it, as the matter of fact the nature ways of this planet earth has been destroyed by humans slowly and surely, we should really start to help saving the planet guys, seriously!

End Of Mayan Calendar
top doomsday prophecies 2012
Date World Ends: Dec. 21, 2012
The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on December 21, 2012. This date is regarded as the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae related to this date have been proposed.

A New Age interpretation of this transition postulates that this date marks the start of time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era. Others suggest that the 2012 date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe. Scenarios suggested for the end of the world include the arrival of the next solar maximum, or Earth's collision with a black hole, passing asteroid or a planet called "Nibiru".
Scholars from various disciplines have dismissed the idea of such cataclysmic events occurring in 2012. Professional Mayanist scholars state that predictions of impending doom are not found in any of the extant classic Maya accounts, and that the idea that the Long Count calendar "ends" in 2012 misrepresents Maya history and culture. Astronomers and other scientists have rejected the proposed events as pseudoscience, stating that they are contradicted by simple astronomical observations.

The Hopi Indians Propechy
top doomsday prophecies 2012
Date World Ends: 2012
The Native American Hopi of Arizona believe in a cyclic course of history, with worlds falling into entropy over time, to be replaced by fresh new ones. Some people believe that the current world, the Fourth World of Hopi cosmology, might be coming to an end.

Terence McKenna's Prophecy: Timewave Zero 2012

top doomsday prophecies 2012

top doomsday prophecies 2012Date World Ends: November/December 2012
Metaphysician and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna cooks up a mathematical model of "novelty" as a central quality of the flow of time. Applying this model to the I Ching (why not Lord of the Rings or The Da Vinci Code?), he predicts the end of the world coming on Dec. 21, 2012. Well, at first it's November 2012. Then he moves doomsday up to Dec. 21, once he sees that other doomsayers are talking about Dec. 21. This pushing back of the date of an apocalyptic event clearly has a synchronic, Jungian relation to the pushing back of the release of 2012 from this past July to this November. It's all connected.

Camping's Calculation: The Rapture 
top doomsday prophecies 2012
In his book 1994, Camping applied numerology to the Bible (every douchebag that read the Da Vinci Code is nodding knowingly to the mention of numerology) and predicted that Christ would return between September 15 and 17 of 1994. When nothing happened Camping said he'd made a mistake in his calculations. He apparently hadn't considered the Book of Jeremiah.
After recalculating, he decided the world is actually going to end on May 21, 2011. And some people BELIEVE him. His followers are dropping out of med school, leaving their wives and children, and spending all their savings to spread the world about The Rapture. He and his followers are spending over $3 Million raising awareness. US $3 Million.

Here's his reasoning:
1. According to Camping, judgment day should occur 7,000 years after the Flood. Biblical scholars claim the Flood took place May 21 of 4,990 B.C. God told Noah to warn the people 7 days before the flood and using a Bible passage 2 Peter 3:8, "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day," Camping treats each of the days as a thousand years.
2. The second piece of "evidence" is based off of the notion that the world began in 11,013 B.C. and after its 13,000th anniversary on May 21st, 1988, the "church age" was over and Satan took control of them (Camping and his followers do not believe in organized religion).
3. Numerology, once again, comes into the picture -- Christ was killed on April 1 33 A.D., that is 722,500 days from May 21, 2011. 722,500 is the product of this equation: (5 x 10 x 7)^2. These numbers apparently mean something special. Five is atonement, ten completeness and 17 heaven.

Top Animals: Rare Animals Caught On Tape

I bring up this rare animals topic for you hoping that more and more people will be more concern about our nature in this planet earth. Hopefully, more people will be more aware of the situation we, humans have caused to the deaths and extinction of many creatures that still lives even a decade ago.
Whether we know it or not, humans are the most responsible factor of all the extinction of animals in the recent years. Research stated that the major caused of the extinction of an animal is caused by the rareness of it in the first place, why? Because the more rare it gets the more hunters will chase them, for those greedy people who wants all the things which caused the extinction of this rare creatures. 
Other things that is causing the extinction of a creature is that unbalanced nature cycle that again mostly caused by the more advancing human world, new technology, new lifestyle, moreover the high-end lifestyle.
And here is the list of some of the animals that we could still save from its extinction.

Pinta Island Tortoise
rare animals

The Pinta Island Tortoise has been reduced to one known survivor – Lonesome George.  A Galapagos tortoise, George is considered a “poster child” for the conservation efforts in the Galapagos Islands.  George is about 100 years old, and all he’s missing is a mate.  In fact, some sources report that there is a $10000 reward for someone who finds a female mate for George.  There is some skepticism about George’s claim as the last Pinta Island Tortoise in the world.  A Prague zoo claims to have another male that they call Tony, but this information is unconfirmed.

rare animalsThe okapi (pronounced /oʊˈkɑːpiː/), Okapia johnstoni, is a giraffid artiodactyl mammal native to the Ituri Rainforest, located in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa. Although the okapi bears striped markings reminiscent of zebras, it is most closely related to the giraffe.

The animal was brought to prominent European attention by speculation on its existence found in popular press reports covering Henry Morton Stanley's journeys in 1887. Remains of a carcass were later sent to London by the English adventurer and colonial administrator Harry Johnston and became a media event in 1901. Today there are approximately 10,000–20,000 in the wild and as of 2011, 42 different institutions display them worldwide.

Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin)
rare animals

The Baiji  is or was a freshwater dolphin found only in the Yangtze River in China. Nicknamed "Goddess of the Yangtze" in China, the dolphin was also called Chinese River Dolphin, Yangtze River Dolphin, Whitefin Dolphin and Yangtze Dolphin. It is not to be confused with the Chinese White Dolphin.

The Baiji population declined drastically in decades as China industrialized and made heavy use of the river for fishing, transportation, and hydroelectricity. Efforts were made to conserve the species, but a late 2006 expedition failed to find any Baiji in the river. Organizers declared the Baiji "functionally extinct", which would make it the first aquatic mammal species to become extinct since the demise of the Japanese Sea Lion and the Caribbean Monk Seal in the 1950s. It would also be the first recorded extinction of a well-studied cetacean species (it is unclear if some previously extinct varieties were species or subspecies) to be directly attributable to human influence.
Javan Rhino 
rare animals

This scarce animal is one of the rhino species with fewer than 60 animals surviving in only two known locations: one in Indonesia and the other in Vietnam. Though once widespread throughout Asia, by the 1930’s the rhinoceros was nearly hunted to extinction in Peninsular Malaysia, India, Burma and Sumatra. It was poached for its horn, that is believed to have medicinal uses, and driven to extinction to the intense agricultural practices. Even with all the conservation efforts, the Javan rhinoceros’ chance of survival is small: the population is reduced, hence there are risks of disease and inbreeding.
White lion

rare animalsThe white lion is occasionally found in wildlife reserves in South Africa and is a rare color mutation of the Kruger subspecies of lion (Panthera leo krugeri). It has been perpetuated by selective breeding in zoos around the world. White lions are not yet a separate subspecies and they have been said to be indigenous to the Timbavati region of South Africa for centuries, although the earliest recorded sighting in this region was 1938. Regarded as divine by locals, white lions first came to public attention in the 1970s in Chris McBride's book The White Lions of Timbavati. Up until 2009, when the first pride of white lions was reintroduced to the wild, it was widely believed that the white lion could not survive in the wild. It is for this reason that, now, a large part of the population of white lions are in zoos. Another large part, however, are bred in camps, for canned hunting trophies.

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