Top People: Tiziano Crudeli The Crazy Commentator (True AC Milan Fan)

Tiziano Crudeli ( Forlì , 24 June 1943 ) is a journalist, Italian, a crazy commentator.
He is a true AC Milan fan, his latest action can be seen in the video below where he comments on the match between FC Barcelona Vs AC Milan that ended in draw 2-2, you have to imagine how he would felt losing 1-2 for the last 30 minutes, then Milan had the equalizer at the injury time, it's like the best moment of his life, for most Milan fans obviously, but you gotta watch this guy's reaction, he is simply crazy, i must say.

Tiziano Crudeli The Crazy Commentator
Tiziano Crudeli The Crazy Commentator
He was born in Forli . As a child, following his older brother's passion, a passion to football.The first team that cheering is the Forli (also assists the games of the young Sandro Ciotti), then goes to Milan , where he became a strong supporter. At age 12 he moved to Milan because of the untimely death of their parents.

Here's the video of him commenting on the match against barcelona:
He was chief press officer of the Regional Committee of Lombard Italian Tennis Federation and has served as editor of magazines Tennis Lombardo and The Journal of Tennis . He has conducted programs on the court for TVCI and TV Globo.
Tiziano Crudeli The Crazy Commentator
Tiziano Crudeli The Crazy Commentator
The past to deal with football , he first worked at Radio Peter Flowers , Telereporter and Antenna 3 , in addition to writing for The Night and Tuttosport , then move on to play a role as commentatoron Telelombardia in the Studio to You Here Stadium , talk-show conducted since 2002 by Fabio Ravezzani , which houses athletes and sports journalists. Between 2002 and 2006 become famous duets with his friend-"enemy" Elio Horn, Inter fan, in December 2006 and leaves the network, along with Elio Horn, switch to another sport program, " Live Stage " aired on the network 7 Gold, first conducted by George Micheletti and currently Joan Martini and Fulvio Giuliani directed by Fabiano Foschini. Also works with the newspaper The Day and the magazine Forza Milan.

His other crazy reaction videos:
Crudeli is currently also involved, as a commentator, the television program The process Biscardi and other broadcasts on Milan Channel , and is also a press officer of the ' Association of Italian clubs AC Milan . Also some years Tiziano Crudeli is the editor of " Sports & Sprint Lombardy ", which deals with sports weekly football amateur chicks from the D series to the Lombardy region, which also has its own specific weekly column.

Compilation of Tiziano Crudeli's Reactions:
In the 2009/10 television season has been a regular guest of the television program Chiambretti Night. In May of 2011 said in an interview that his dream would be to see Cristiano Ronaldo with Milan's shirt.

Can you imagine how he would react if Cristiano Ronaldo wear Milan shirt and scored a winning goal? forza Tiziano Crudeli The Crazy Commentator *_^


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