Top 10 Funniest Boxing Moments (Videos)

There's always room for funniest boxing moments, even in this very gentle sport we can still witness so many awkward and funny moments in it, because boxer are humans too, you know? They could be stupid, sometimes they could even become the stupidest human we've ever seen.
Don't know what they were thinking that they could done such dumb things, here, we could see some funniest moments from amateurs to professionals, from the boxer's stupid behaves to the most unexpected things done by the spectators. All this pack into one nice list to entertain you.  

Now, Let's get Ready to LMAOOOO !!!
Usman Ahmed aka Uzzy
Start off with a British Pakistani super flyweight boxer Usman Ahmed aka Uzzy who has become an internet sensation after a video of one of his fights clocked over a million hits on YouTube all for reasons he may not be entirely proud of, check out the video below:
His flamboyant entry into the boxing arena only to be knocked out after the round kicked off has stunned fans who dubbed the entry and ending as one of the most extraordinary in the sports history.

Bernard Hopkins Vs Robert Allen
funniest boxing moments
Bernard Hopkins, one of three beltholders in the middleweight division, just thought he was making another dismal title defense against another bum of his weight class. Little did Hopkins know that even the referee, Mills Lane, would be able to inflict more pain on him than Robbie Allen, the hopeless bum that he was fighting.
Allen gave Hopkins all that he could handle for the first four rounds and matched Hopkins' trademark dirtiness for a totally foul filled bout. As the two wrestled all over the ring to the dismay of the fans, Lane wormed his way between the two fighters in an attempt to separate them. Lane slightly pushed both Hopkins and Allen off of each other but Hopkins, obviously weakened from his life and death struggle with the unheralded Allen, easily fell through the ropes and out of the ring onto the floor below.
Hopkins made painful, funny faces while Allen called him a coward. Lane seemed sorry for what he had done and most fans thought the whole thing was funny. 
Robbie Peden Vs Nate Campbell
What we learned from the match was never gets too cocky as a person, you never know what will happen to you in the next seconds of your life. 
Referee Knock Out
This Japanese super lightweight national champion Yoshihiro Kamegai (15-0, 13 KOs) was best known for his Referee KO fight against Yosuhiro Kondo in August 2007. The unlucky third man in the ring that night was Thai referee Ukrid Sarasas.
Oscar De La Hoya's Pretty Woman Photos
funniest boxing moments
Back in 2007, photos of Oscar de la Hoya showed up in sexy lingerie in all media. Of course, De La Hoya later denied he was there but nobody really believes. A mixture of shock and laughter filled the minds of most boxing fans. Although the gay Mexicans celebrated the next track, were combatants Hardcore male as Fernando Vargas, Demarcus Corley, and Fernando Montiel in a loss for words when asked to comment.
The Worst Boxer Ever
Please watch this video, you'll never regret it, except you're a boxing fan i guess.
And another one:

Best Winning Celebration
Just take a look at the video, is this how a winner should celebrate their wins? i mean he is like the fighter in the wind, at least for a moment there, lol.

Real Stupid Boxer
Check out this boxer, i wonder why he can win while he has no idea how to enter and exit the ring. But hey, at least he's the winner.
Spectators Steals The Show
You read my title right on, it was in a fight between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe, as James Jarrett Miller, who is also known as Fan Man known, intentionally in the arena with a power planer and then plunged into the ring in the seventh round.
Boxing Coach Enters.. 

It seems like he's the one that been hit the hole time. LOL

And last but not least, a bonus for your pleasure:
That is some of the funniest boxing moments out there, of course there's a lot more, and i hope i could present them to you next time ^_^


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