Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years

Wanna know the oldest animal on this planet, well, this is not exactly that but still, top 7 Animals that could live hundreds of years, it will not be harming, right? just sit back and enoy the sensation of knowing most people probably don't know yet. The sensation where we could share the thought that brought us here, seeing people's reaction when hearing some of the amazing facts unfolded before their eyes, just like what occur to us the first time we find out about new unbelievable stuff, that is priceless. Just thinking about it even could make us feel the goosebumps all over our skin, right?

Ok then let's get on to business.

Koi Fish
Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
Koi are ornamental aquarium fish, pet goldfish. They are commonly found in rock pools and artificial ponds. Surprisingly, some varieties can live over 200 years old. The earliest known is Hanako the koi, the fish that died at age 226 on July 7, 1977.

Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
First on the list is a large sea scallops from Puget Sound and has lived for at least 160 years. They are characterized by the length of their neck or siphon, which its length can reach more than one meter.

Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
The word "dinosaur" is generally used to describe the old animals, but when referring to the tuatara, the term is true as it is metaphorical. Species of tuatara are the only living member of the approximately 200 million years ago when dinosaurs lived. They are also among the longest-lived vertebrates on Earth, with some people who lived for years at anywhere between 100 and 200.

Lamellibrachia Tube Worms
Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
Colorful sea creatures are tubeworms (L. luymesi) who lives along the venting of hydrocarbons in the seabed. They have been known to live 170 years, but many scientists believe there may be some who have lived for over 250 years old.

Red Sea Urchins
Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
Red sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus and only found in the Pacific, particularly along the west coast of North America. Live in shallow water, sometimes rocky, from low tide line up to ninety feet, but remain outside the area is very bumpy. Crawling along the ocean floor using their spines as a stage. Some specimens of more than 200 years.

Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
Turtles considered a vertebrate with the longest lifespan on Earth. The oldest one is Harriet, a Galapagos tortoise, who died of heart failure at the age of 175 years in June 2006 in Steve Irwin's zoo. Harriet is regarded as one of the last of the epic journey of life Darwin on HMS Beagle. An Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita died at age 250 in March 2006.

Ocean Quahog
Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years
Ocean quahog (Arctica islandica) is a species of commercially exploited shellfish. Researchers have interpreted dark concentric rings or bands on the skin as a mark yearly, such as a tree has a ring. Some specimens were collected has been estimated that more than 400 years.

There you have it, the top Top 7 Animals That Lives Hundreds of Years, so how old would you rate yourself?


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