Top 10 Most Expensive Cuisines In The World

Ready or not this is the Top 10 Most Expensive Cuisine In The World

Some of us just look at food as a way to maintain energy and healthy living, but not for those who love the food, the food certainly is something to be enjoyed in any way possible.
For those of you who loved to eat, maybe it's time you looked into food ingredients as below.

White Truffle Mushrooms ($3,000)
One kilo of this mushrooms could priced at approximately $ 6,000. White Truffle mushrooms are the most expensive mushroom in the world. It feels solid and 'earthy' is a special feature that can not be matched by other fungi. This fungus is used in a very small size (only a little grated only) in each dish. 
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Serve and mushroom dish that is certainly not a common dish. This fungus can only be found in Piedmont, northern Italy, and is only harvested in the autumn. Its harvest had to be assisted by a special dog who had special training too!

Special Seasoning - Saffron ($1,000)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Saffron is certainly not just the usual condiments. With the price of 11 million rupiah per kilogram, of course you would not dare get rid of useless herbs on this one. This seasoning is made from the saffron crocus flower plants that have not been opened, harvested and dried in particular. 1 Kilogram saffron flower buds will contain 200 000, in other words, flowers of saffron crop fields covering an area of ​​three football fields

Caviar ($500)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Surely you know, especially for fans of sushi, how's the taste of tobiko, but we are not talking about that here, caviar is what we are talking about, of course, not any ordinary ordinary caviar, Beluga Caviar we are talking about, which is known as Almas caviar in Iran. Caviar is Beluga Sturgeon obtained from fish, which already became extinct in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea. How to enjoy any unique, to say that the best caviar spoon is coated with a pearl spoon.

Chocolate Ice Cream ($2,500)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York is really ambitious to make this dessert. The bottom line is chocolates from 14 different countries, given the 23-carat gold weighing 5 gram, whipped cream sprinkled with pieces of edible gold leaf, and served with La Madeleine au Truffle. Presentation nor carelessly glass, the glass used and there are gold-plated bracelet studded gold 1 carat diamond accompanied the presentation of ice cream that makes the bag is deflated.

Luxurious Liquor ($2 Million)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
She's supposed to, the older the wine, it will feel more comfortable. Imagine a 100-year-old champagne, a bottle of 4 kilograms of pure platinum, 24 karat gold, and studded with 6500 pieces of diamonds. This drink's name: Henri IV Dudognon Heritage. These beverages are stored for at least a century in gentog wood. Until now, no one had determined to buy a bottle, let alone tasted it.

Hamburger ($500)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
FleurBurger, which is priced at 5 million yen per serving is served at Fleur de Lys, Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas. Beef burgers are made entirely of Kobe beef, and served with truffle sauce and foie gras with truffle brioche bread. This super deluxe burger served with a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1990. In addition, you will receive a special certificate that is sent to your home as proof that you do not spend $500 at the gambling table, but because you ate a burger ..

Luwak Coffee ($1,000)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Starbucks is not as expensive as it wrote it? But Luwak Coffee, which is known in the western world with the alias name Civet Coffee, made from coffee berries are eaten by a Luwak or Civet. Once eaten, the beans are then cleaned, roasted, packaged and sold. It sounded disgusting, but the coffee is extremely rare and sought after by many coffee lovers.

"Flawless" Christmas Cocktail ($7,000)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The WorldPerhaps you would prefer to hear the price is drunk than drinking a cocktail on this one. "Flawless" Christmas cocktails of Movida nightclub in London, will reduce your wealth by $7,000. Why is it special? This drink is made from a mixture of Louis XII cognac, Cristal Rose champagne, sugar ants, and Angostura bitters, served with a garnish of leaves of gold material that is safe to eat. In addition, in the bottom of the glass, you'll find a 11-carat diamond ring, which is certainly not for eating. This beverage service will even get a special escort, and so when you enjoy it, will receive special attention (perhaps meaning that the rings do not pidah into your stomach).

Pizza Royale 007 ($4,000)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Pizza Royale 007 is not an indiscriminate pizza. For pizza made by an expert, topped with caviar soaked in champagne, lobster Mediterranean, and sprinkled with basil instead, but the gold leaf! Then the pizza is sprinkled with Louis XII cognac Remy Martin $2,000, and then baked in a perfect authentic Italian pizza oven. For such a luxury dish you'll have to spend $4,000 ..

La Bonnotte Potatoes ($1,000)
Most Expensive Cuisines In The World
Cheap potatoes? crazy stuff! These potatoes are worth $1,000 per kilo, way above the price of potatoes that you can find in the market. La Bonnotte potato is the potato variant that is almost extinct and only found on the island of Noirmoutier, France. These potatoes get preferential treatment and should only be fertilized by local seaweed. Each year only 100 tonnes of potatoes could be harvested, and can only be found in leading French restaurant. Want to make French Fries? This is the real deal...

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