Top 5 Humans Who Was Raised By Animals

You've heard the story about Tarzan or Mowgli (The Jungle Book), haven't you? This is the true but sadly unromantic story of the humans who was raised by animals or the wild life. The real question is, could it be possible for human to be raised by animals? According to the logic of it, it is not possible. But unfortunately for the human involved in this story, in this world there are many cases where a human child raised by animals. They even behave and communicate like animals who nurture them.

Rochom P'ngieng - Cambodia Jungle Girl
At the time of the buffalo graze along the edge of the forest in Cambodia at the age of 8, Rochom P'ngieng mysteriously disappeared. Eighteen years later, in 2007, a resident saw a naked woman sneaking around the yard trying to steal rice. 
Humans Who Was Raised By Animals
The woman was identified Rochom P'ngieng who has long since disappeared. She was recognized from a scar on her back. The girl has grown into a woman of 30 years who had somehow survived alone in the dense forest. 
Humans Who Was Raised By Animals
The girl can not learn the local language or to adapt to local culture, in the end she escaped and has not been found.

Oxana Malaya - Ukranian Dog Girl
Humans Who Was Raised By AnimalsA girl abandoned in a kennel by her parents from the age of 3 to 8 years, Oxana Malaya grew up without parents other than the dog in the cage. When she was discovered in 1991, she could not speak, could only bark, and ran as she crawled. Now she was already treading the 30s, Malaya had been taught to speak, but still having cognitive impairment. 
Humans Who Was Raised By Animals
She is currently working to help treating the cows on a farm near the psychiatric hospital where she lived.

John Ssebunya - Ugandan Monkey Boy
Humans Who Was Raised By AnimalsAfter seeing his mother murdered by his father, John Ssebunya at 4 years old becomes traumatized and ran into the woods. He was reportedly brought up by troops of vervets monkeys until the time he was discovered in 1991. As often happens when a wild child found, he refused to be helped by local villagers, and he gets help from his adopted family of monkeys that villagers pelted with tree branches. 
Humans Who Was Raised By Animals
John had been taught how to speak, and now can sing too. In fact, he joined the children's choir, Pearl of Africa.

Victor of Aveyron
Humans Who Was Raised By AnimalsPerhaps the most famous wild boy of them all, the story of Victor made widely known in the film "L'Enfant Sauvage". Although its origins are a mystery, but many people believe Victor spent his childhood in the woods naked and alone before the public mind in 1797. After appearing several times, he finally showed up alone near the Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance, France, in 1800. Victor becomes subject to many philosophers and scientists who are curious about the origins of language and human behavior, despite advances in its development than the child's intelligence is very little.

Humans Who Was Raised By Animals
Madina is a tragic story like Oxana Malaya. Abandoned until the day she was found at age 3. She lived and cared for by dogs. When found, she could only utter two words, yes and no, although she preferred to growl like a dog. Fortunately, Madina otherwise healthy mentally and physically by the medical team shortly after its discovery. Although its development is retarded, she's still fairly young, a caregiver believes that Medina would return to normal when she was growing up.

We hope the story of this 5 human who was raised by animals will help us all realize that our family and society are the most important thing in life, so be nice and be social.


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