Top 10 Cutest Creatures On Earth

The world should be at peace if we all just take our attention for a moment and look at these top 10 cutest creatures on earth, i am dead serious when i write that statement, i mean just take your time and look at them all, how could anyone not want to take them on their wings and take care of them as pets or maybe as your life buddy.

I know it for sure that most people in this cruel world loves animals, whether the cute ones or some maybe love the wild ones, as long as they're animals it counts.

Just so you know, some of the so called cutest animals on the list below are not cute in behavior as they could harm you with their claw or they could even bite you to death! LOL of course not, just kidding, they could bite but not causing death, hehehe.... just enjoy it already.. ^_^

African Pygmy Hedgehog
Cutest Creatures On Earth
This mammal are the most beautiful mammal in the Erinaceidae family. They can roll up his body to protect themselves. This Hedgehog have been told to be so benign, so you may have is as pet without much trouble.

Funny facts: first check the local laws in your state before buying a hedgehog. Some places require permits, while some really forbade them to be owned as pet.

Cutest Creatures On Earth
This skinny fish is in the same family with seahorses and sea dragons, but this fish is much more cuter. Most of them live in salt-water, and a small part in fresh water. Just as sea horses, the males carried the eggs for the female for some time.

Funny fact: love life of this fish is highly variable. Some species marriage for a lifetime, but some other will be married with several males at the same time.

European Mole
Cutest Creatures On Earth
This small insectivore which is covered with furs hides most of its shape, which makes them very attractive. European mole spends most of its life underground, digging tunnels, and eat insects. They are known to have low vision, which is not really necessary in the basement. They may be cute, but they can cause damage to the plants.

Funny fact: you can not kill these moles in Germany without permission.

Cutest Creatures On Earth
Not that I mean kiwi fruit, but the kiwi bird! This bird comes from New Zealand and is the fattest bird with feathers! These wings have been reduced, caused them unable to fly, but they have a really good sense of smell. They eat insects, worms, leaves, and fruits. There are five known species, and the fifth is a species that is rare ...

Funny fact: Kiwi eggs can reach 20% of the weight of the mother. That's just like a woman weighing 150 pounds who gave birth to a 30-pound baby.

Angora Rabbit
Cutest Creatures On Earth
The first time seeing it you probably think this animal is a giant ball, but inside that ball is this cute rabbit. This large rabbit is bred specifically to be taken its fur. There are 4 known descendants.

Puffer Fish
Cutest Creatures On Earth
Families of these fish can swallow water (even air) quickly, very quickly, so they can become a ball and scares predators away. This method is often used to save their lives, and just so you know some puffer fish are poisonous.

Funny fact: Puffer fish have the world's smallest vertebrate genomes.

Dwarf Hamster
Cutest Creatures On Earth
This little rodent is more personable than their larger cousins. There are three species, but my favorite is Campbell's dwarf hamster. These animals come from China and Russia. They are sold as pets in almost any pet store. Chinese hamster is also beautiful and sometimes called dwarf hamsters, although they are not came from the same genus.

Cutest Creatures On Earth
This sea cow is very fat, but very cute. So cute, you will definitely want to hug him once you see it. Unlike whales and dolphins, manatees are herbivores. They also have a relation with elephants and they are classified as endangered species because it continues to be hunted.

Funny fact: Manatee have toenails that are not useful in the fins.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar
Cutest Creatures On Earth
Most of the caterpillars was disgusting, but not this caterpillars. This is a cute caterpillar larva of the Isabella tiger moth, just take a look and judge, they eat a variety of plants.

Silky Anteater
Cutest Creatures On Earth
This animal is the only member of the Cyclopedidae family. Latin name for this animal is Cyclopes didactylus. They live in trees and has a tail that can hold on trees, and a sharp claws. Beware of its claws!

As the world know it, these top 10 cutest creatures on earth is one of those unique ways of how things could be better as people see it more clearly through these creatures' sights.


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