Top 14 Best Christmas Gifts of 2011

Today is about a week to go to christmas of 2011, so let's take a look at the top 14 of the best christmas gift 2011. I believe from today on people will be crazy shopping for the best outfit to wear on christmas eve or through out the holiday, and of course they are seriously looking for the best gift for their loved ones.
Just to remind you all that all these gift probably won't become available when the day comes, so pack your stuff (ready your money i mean) and start the gift hunting from now on... because it won't wait for you, people have gone crazy lately, even crazier than last year i must say.
And just so you know the list here are composed from almost all categories, from toys to outfits all is here, and all is the best of it's kind.

Neodymium-Magnet Toys as one of the best toys for christmas 2011
If you do not know about Neodymium-Magnet Toys, you are about to be impressed. These cool magnetic toys sold under Brand Names such as Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, Neo Cubes, etc. These little magnets are so cool, they were Time Magazine recently included them in the list of All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys . How cool is that? They are extremely popular for Christmas 2011. Watch the video below or read more about Buckyballs and other Neodymium-Magnet Toys.
Christmas Gift 2011 - Fun Slippers
Do you think you have seen everything when it comes to slippers? I am NOT speaking about regular slippers which separate your feet from your hard wood floor. Did you know that there's slippers with built in nightlights? How about slippers that can dust your floor? Check out these wild and wacky slippers and VERY chilled slippers.
  Christmas Gift For your kids: Ride On Car
I keep in mind the first time my relatives went to Disney Land & I got to drive a automobile. I was about four or five years elderly & was so excited to be sitting behind the wheel of a automobile. Now there's ride on cars made for children to drive in their backyards. But these ride on cars come with remote control devices so that the parent can control the automobile until the kid is elderly to understand how to drive it safely. So, a ride on automobile is a blast both for the adult as well for the kid. What better idea as a christmas gift are you able to think of? Watch the video below of my boy in his ride on automobile or see this site about electric ride on cars. If a ride on automobile is not your thing, have a glance at these icy Kid Gifts.
Tablets are the anger this year and if your beloved does not have them, now is the time to get. In fact, this Christmas is being called by some "The Season Of The Tablet " Why? There's excellent options under $200, which make these excellent gifts for children as well as adults. And in case you have a bit extra money to spend, up to $500, you can get the king of the tablets, the iPAD. Have a glance at the hot selling tablets below.

Amazon Kindle Fire Vs Apple iPad Vs Apple iPod
How Do You Pick The Best Christmas Gift of 2011?
Everyone is excited about the new Kindle Fire. The know-how gurus say that at $200, the new Kindle Fire offers much of what the IPAD offers but at less than half of the cost.

Some even say Kindle Fire is BETTER than the IPAD, for example in this this editorial about five ways Kindle Fire Beats the IPAD , they focus on "Content" (more at Amazon), Portability (Kindle Fire fits in your pocket), Cost (Kindle Fire is half of the cost of the IPAD), Comfort (you can use the Kindle Fire with hand), Operating Technique (Amazon's cloud based operating technique is lightning fast).
In case you need to give an Apple (the name "Apple" is definite to ) but you do not need to fork over $500 for a tablet that the children may break, think about an Apple IPOD touch. The IPOD touch is similar in pricing to the Kindle Fire, but with fewer features. But here is an editorial which explains why the Kindle Fire is superior to the IPOD touch.
 So, bottom line is that lots of techno specialists are predicting that Amazon's Kindle Fire will be the Best Christmas Gift 2011.

Christmas gift 2011 - Uggs
So, what is distinctive about Uggs? Positive, you have probably heard about Uggs boots for ladies, perhaps the warmest, trendiest boots available. But you may not be aware that Ugg boots are available for men, children and yes even children. There's also Ugg scarves, gloves and hats. So, impress your beloved and keep them cozy this winter. Review this choice of Ugg Boots. Looking for something less pricey than Uggs? Look in to Ugg Knockoffs.

 Christmas gift 2011 for couple - Footed Pajamas For Adults
Don't laugh. In case you are not a fan of footed pajamas, try them and you could be. Ryan Gosling gave footed pajamas as a gag gift to relatives and friends for Christmas. But then they and his friends fell in love with their footies and now Ryan is such a fan of footed pajamas that they appeared on the Ellen Show and gave them to Ellen and the whole audience. Don't think it? Watch the video of Ryan Gossling below at two:40 minutes, you will notice him and Ellen in their Footed Pajamas For Adults or take a glance at Footed Pajamas For Adults or better yet, for a relatives, think about Matching Footed Pajamas.

Gift Idea For Christmas 2011: Laser Hair Removal
Men & females of today have an interest in permanent hair removal. It makes sense, who desires to shave for the remainder of their lives? Did you know that there's home laser hair removal devices which can effectively remove hair? Home laser hair removal devices work best on light skinned people with dark hair. In case you know somebody like that, think about getting them a home laser hair removal device for Christmas. Watch what Lovely Morning America's Becky Worley has to say about home laser hair removal or see these home laser hair removal reviews.

Christmas gift for your couple (him) - Under Armour Men's UA Charged Cotton Storm Full Zip Hoody
Under Armour Men's UA Charged Cotton Storm Full Zip Hoody. Thick, smooth fleece for extra warmth. All-weather, water-resistant finish. Washed for a ridiculously soft, natural feel. Ribbed cuffs and front pocket for extra stretch. Printed hood liner for some swagger.

Christmas gift for your couple (her) - ShoeDazzle Three Month Membership
Give her the gift of style this season—a membership to She'll take a fun style quiz to get a personalized showroom of shoes, handbags and jewelry, recommended for her by real celebrity stylists. She picks her favorite, shipped to her for free. And, she gets new options every month, so it's the gift that keeps on styling!

Christmas gift for your couple (him) The North Face E-Tip Gloves
  An embroidered logo brands stretchy, snug-fitting gloves ingeniously designed with X-Static material at the thumbs and index fingers, allowing you to easily use touch-screen cell phones, laptops and MP3 players without removing your gloves.

Christmas gift for your couple (her) - Initial Pendant Necklace
Initial Pendant Necklace. Love letters. Long fine link chain trimmed with a cluster of charms in the initial of your choice. Finished with a spring clasp and extender.

A trip away is always a wonderful gift to receive, and doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Book a weekend in a city you’ve never been too and include a choice of restaurants and sight seeing opportunities. If your mother has always wanted to visit Rome or your best friend has family in New York then surprising them with a trip away to fulfill their dreams is a fantastic gift. If you want to go all out then have a friend pack their bags for them and don’t reveal the destination until you get to the train station or airport.

Food Hampers
If you're a dab hand in the kitchen (or even if you're not), making a friend or family member a food hamper for Christmas is a great way to celebrate the festive season. Biscuits, chocolates and fudge are easy and cheap to make, and look great all packaged together in a basket or box. Items like jam, preserves, chutneys or even your own alcohol like blackberry wine can be made ahead of time, meaning you get to enjoy a relaxing run up to Christmas. Take a look at some food magazines and websites for inspiration, whip up some goodies and dress them up with some ribbons and cellophane to make them look extra fancy.

People often appreciate the homemade touch, especially if what you make is delicious so don't be surprised if people ask for it again next year! Homemade food gifts are also great if you want to buy for someone but you haven't known them for long or you want to get something for a local group you're involved in like a book group or your Church. Experiment with some ideas and see what you can come up with, whatever your skill level in the kitchen they'll be something that you can manage!

Make Something Original
People love to get something that shows the person giving has spent time thinking about what they'd need. Even if you're not excellent at crafts you can still make store bought presents more special by generating an experience for people when they open them. Buy them a DVD they missed at the cinema & then give them some popcorn & a cozy blanket, or pick up some candles, a pleasant shower gel & a fluffy bath robe.

Whatever you select to buy or generate for your relatives & friends this year, take a glance outside all the usual holiday commercials & try & think of something that they would enjoy receiving. Next time you're stuck for an idea of what to buy something for Christmas keep in mind: try & be one-of-a-kind, put some thought in to it & don't be afraid to look further than the shopping mall. Christmas doesn't must be an pricey, stressful time. Start planning earlier in the year, make a list of what you'd like to accomplish & ask your relatives & friends for some help & you'll soon be completed in time to put your feet up with a mince pie & a festive film on TV.

Those are the top 14 of the best christmas gifts of 2011, hope you all liked it ^_^


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