How To Defeat Emerald Weapon In Final Fantasy VII

Here's a top tips for a top game, that is how to defeat emerald weapon of final fantasy vii, you watch players on the web stating they've beaten emerald weapon with omnislash or doing it under 2 minutes or so, well i gotta tell you (although most of you ff fans must be already know) that those claims is either a lie or just pure luck. You see, out of the five “weapons” found throughout Final Fantasy VII (FF7), Emerald Weapon is by far the most difficult to defeat. To take on Emerald Weapon, you need to begin by entering your submarine at Junon. Few encounters throughout the game will ever create such frustration, anger, and suicidal thoughts as those with Emerald Weapon. With a massive attack and ability to hit every member of your team, Emerald Weapon is certainly a foe to be reckoned with.

How To Defeat Emerald Weapon In Final Fantasy VIIDefeating Emerald Weapon will be a challenge, so don’t even bother fighting him until Cloud and Vincent are both at least level 70. To make matters worse, the battle takes place underwater and thus has a time limit of only 20 minutes, further adding to the immense difficulty.  You can avoid this, however, by equipping the Underwater Materia, acquired by trading the Guide Book with the Kalm Traveler in the town of Kalm. To acquire the Guide Book, use the materia Morph to kill the enemy Ghost Ship, found in the Junon Underwater Reactor.
The following strategy on how to beat Emerald weapon is effective, though time consuming. This is mostly due to it’s high reliance on summons. For this battle you will need:

How To Defeat Emerald Weapon In Final Fantasy VII
  • Mime materia
  • Underwater materia
  • Knights of the Round
  • HP Absorb
  • W-Items
  • Hero Drink x 3
Here is your ultimately preferable set up with other character combination of your taste – Cloud with mime, Vincent with Knights of the Round attached to HP Absorb and W-Item, and another third character, maybe Caith Sith, with Underwater. Emerald Weapon has an attack called Aire Tam (materia backwards), that does damage based on how many materia you have equipped, so beating Emerald Weapon requires using as little as possible. As soon as possible, have Vincent cast W-Item to use two Hero Drinks on Cloud, and then have Cloud use a Hero Drink on himself. It doesn’t matter if Caith Sith dies, but you need to keep Vincent alive for one more turn. On his next turn, have Vincent cast Knights of the Round. After the animation has finished, have Cloud use mime, copying Knights of the Round without using any MP.
How To Defeat Emerald Weapon In Final Fantasy VII
The Hero Drinks should keep him alive for Emerald Weapons emarald shot/beam, and the HP Absorb will perpetually heal him back to max. Repeat this process until Emerald Weapon finally goes down.  DON'T break the chain of summoning for anything, it could be changed to reviving a team member or using a limit break. As you are planning to use other character combination, remember the strategy still must revolve around Hero Drinks and Knights of the Round. Once you killed Emerald Weapon, you will achieve an Earth Harp, which you can trade to the Kalm Traveler for the Master Magic, Master Command, and Master Summon Materia.

That is a lot to miss, now go back to your FF7 times and start the game with the printout of this tips of how to defeat emerald weapon of final fantasy vii in your hands, and all is ready ^_^  


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