Top 10 Worst Abuse Of World's Useful Discoveries

Scientists are always trying to innovate to improve the world, but unfortunately this is the top 10 worst abuse of world's useful discoveries, because there are people who use it for something bad to himself. Below is a list of important discoveries and intended for good but it ended in disaster at the expense of the environment and human life.

Gatling Gun
Richard Jordan Gatling Gatling gun mencuptakan after he noticed the majority of American deaths due to disease rather than a shot. In 1877, he wrote:

"It made me realize that I could find a tool (weapon) that the speed of the shot can make a person can fight a thousand people, it will menurangi number of troops needed and I was feeling it will be easier to prepare food for the soldiers."

Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Gatling guns are used almost successful to expand European colonial empire with indigenous army mercilessly tortured with primitive weapons. 

Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Joseph Wilbrand was a German chemist who discovered trinitrotoluene in 1863 that used for yellow dye. But not until 1902, when realizing the explosive power of TNT explosives and used as weapons extensively by both sides during World War I and World War II. Until now, even TNT was used in the military. 
Zyklon B
Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Fritz Haber was Jewish scientist who won the Nobel prize for creating a low nitrogen fertilizer and chemical weapons for Germany in World War I. Insecticides are used for the fumigation of an invention in the stores of rice which is responsible for the deaths of 1.2 million people. Zyklon B was a method of execution in gas chambers during combustion.
Agent Orange
Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Arthur Galston makes a chemical that can accelerate the growth of soybeans and make it be grown in areas with short seasons. Unfortunately, at high concentrations it would defoliate soybeans and function of this material is then replaced by a herbicide (weed eradication) Galston despite concerns about its effects on humans.
It was supplied to the U.S. government in orange striped barrels and 77 million liters of Agent Orange 
sprayed in Vietnam causing 400,000 deaths and disabilities by 500,000 birth defects.
Leaded Gasoline

Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Thomas Midgley was the man who invented Freon refrigerant CFC as a safe material to replace toxic materials such as ammonia coolant in widespread use. However, that result from these materials apparently extensive damage to the ozone layer.
Other well-known idea is to add lead to gasoline tetraetil causing health problems of the world, and death from lead poisoning. He was considered a man of "the most impact on the atmosphere than any other person in the history of the earth."

Sarin Gas
Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Dr. Gerhard Schrader was a German chemist who specializes in the discovery of new insecticides, hoping to make progress for the fight against hunger in the world. However, Dr. Schrader famous for the discovery of dangerous toxic gases such as sarin and tabun, and because of this, sometimes he was called "the father of toxic gas".
Nuclear Fusion
Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Sir Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant was the first to menngetahui that solid hydrogen nuclei can be reacted with one another. This fusion reaction is the basis of the hydrogen bomb. Ten years later, American scientist Edward Teller explore Oliphant discovery to make. However, Oliphant who just want to know the structure of the nucleus of the atom does not expect its use in the future.
Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Although his passion and dream is to use a rocket astronomy in exploring outer space, the work of Wernher von Braun used to make the Nazi V2 rockets that killed 7250 soldiers and civilians and an estimated 20,000 workers during construction.

Then, in the U.S. he made a series of rocket ICBM capable of carrying nuclear explosives as well as many who carried around the world before him to save his reputation by making the Saturn V rocket that took man to the moon.

Concentration Camp
Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Frederick Roberts, Lord Roberts first made a refugee camp to provide protection to civilians who attacked the family left home for various reasons in the Boer War. However, when Lord Kitchener to replace Roberts as the top commander in South Africa in 1900, the British introduced new tactics in order to destroy the guerrilla attacks and the current growth of civilians.
Kitchener initiated plans to "get rid of a series of guerrilla attacks in gerkan systematic, organized like a sporting shoot, with success determined by a bag of dead, captured and wounded, and for a clean sweep of any country that can provide food for the perpetrators of guerrilla attacks, including women and children. "
The strategy succeeded in capturing 28,000 people as a Boer prisoner of war and other 25 630 thrown into the sea. Most of the rest of the Boer people in the local camps were women and children. More than 26,000 women and children died in these concentration camps.

Top 10 Worst Abuse Of Worlds Useful Discoveries
Anton KÃllisch make the 3.4-metilendioksimetamfetamin as research results in the form of a drug to counteract the bleeding is not normal. Research results are not ignored for 70 years to become well known among the dance club in the early 80s. And originated from the custom Rave (dance party) at the end of the 80s who adopted pilihanlah Ecstasy as a drug that makes MDMA into four major illegal drug that killed about 50 people per year in the UK. The inventor died in World War I.

What do you think of this top 10 worst abuse of world's useful discoveries


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