Top 8 Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World

Who says that city and beach are two different things? This list of most beautiful waterfront cities in the world will be the proof, some cities in the world combines atmosphere with panoramic coastal metropolis feast for the eyes.

Some people need a crowd. Fair for workers to live in cities with all the hustle and bustle, yet provides various purposes of life. Some people may be resistant to these circumstances, but not for several others.

Much more needed to hear the sound waves, white sand, and the winds that blow slowly.They are the ones who missed the sound of the wind that was broken by the branches of palm trees. The beach is a place where we can feel the warm sunshine greeted the open skin. Relaxation offered by the beach are always sought after by society. Not just a traveler, but also all the people.

Several cities in the world have added value because the beach is located right on the outskirts of town. You do not need to travel for hours to get a beautiful coast to be touched.Sites visited detikTravel on Tuesday (1/31/2012) 8 summarizes the most beautiful coastal city in the world:

Sydney, Australia

Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
Sydney may be identical to the Opera House and the ranks of top class restaurants. But, do not forget, this metropolis is also located right on the edge of the ocean. The city has dozens of beaches and bays that you can enjoy its beauty. One of them is Bondi Beach, Sydney where residents swim.
Barcelona, ​​Spain
Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
In addition to the buildings colored by the famous Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona also has a coast of white sandy beaches, which together with the clear blue ocean waters typical of the Mediterranean. Here you not only enjoy the beach kencantikan only. The wealth of the sea made famous by Barcelona snacks fried fish and octopus. You can enjoy the fresh seafood is lounging on the coast of Barceloneta beach.
Beirut, Lebanon

Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
Lebanese people could swim at the beach when the morning, then go work out skiing in the mountains in the afternoon. However, Beirut is a city where you can spend a full day on the coastal shores without visiting other places. La Plage, a seaside club is almost always filled with bikini-clad socialite and dark glasses. A few blocks from here, you can find cafes and a local bakery that cast a fragrant scent.
Miami, USA

Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
Miami would have been familiar word in your ear. Imagine, this city is the number one beach destination in America.
Since it was asked, Miami and then developed into a seaside metropolis with beautiful views. In addition to panoramic beaches, you can also see a variety of contemporary art galleries and settlement of Latin America.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
Rio de Janeiro is the city's beautiful inside and out. Try reserving one day of your trip to the beach along the beautiful, submerging both feet into the soft white sands nan. You can walk the beach combing, through Ipanema and Copacabana, witnessed the modern culture of the young people and the ranks of famous boutiques along the coastal area.

Mombasa, Kenya
Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
Perhaps not yet familiar Mombasa in your ear. However, one of this port city is one of the cornerstone of tourism in the State of Kenya. It lies right in enriching the beauty of the Indian Ocean coast city of Mombasa. If you go into the middle of town, you'll be treated to some buildings Swahili architecture, inspired by traditional Arabian style. In addition there is also the Fort Jesus, built in the 16th century.

However, in contrast to the north, your eyes will be pampered with a blend of white sand with clear blue water. Here, you can do a lot of activities like water sports and riding a camel. Silence enjoy views of the Indian Ocean is also a lot of activity performed.

Cancun, Mexico
Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
Cancun City is designed as a tourist destination. But for decades, Mexico's easternmost city, was transformed into a metropolis with modern buildings, complete with a baseball team and the population of people from all over Mexico. The streets in the center of town turn to for modern urban city, while the coastline offers the charm of a typical Caribbean beach. The white sand beach with gradations of dark blue and light blue.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Most Beautiful Waterfront Cities In The World
As with Cancun, Honolulu City had just become escapism travelers to spend vacation time. Coastal beaches offer the warmth of sunlight reflected from the white sand. But now, more than 400 thousand people who inhabit this great city. It is they who make vacation destination as a place to live, as a manifestation of the desire for relaxation every day.

So? planning to go there on your next vacation? to enjoy one of the most beautiful waterfront cities in the world?


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