Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth

You know why this is the top 10 most wanted frogs on earth? because they're almost declared extinct, in fact they could probably already extinct before we know the truth. 

Known as amphibian animal, frog can live in two worlds,on land and in water. quoted from the National website, there are 10 species of frogs that are suspected to have been extinct from the earth. And recently allegations were answered, there are two species that are still alive and one of them lived in Borneo, Indonesia. Here is all of them 10:

Golden Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
This golden frog was last seen in Costa Rica in 1989. Loss of frog possible because of drought and Chytrid fungus attacks. For the International Conservation and the International Union For Conservation of Nature (IUCN) conducted a study to re-discover the golden frog.

Gastric Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
This frog is a gastric frog native of Australia. It has the scientific name Rheobatrachus vitellinus. This frog is really unique because female frogs will swallow the fertilized egg into its stomach and then raise the child in its mouth, so as if the frog is to bear children of its mouth. Last seen in 1985. Supposedly extinct due to Chytrid fungus attacks.

Mesopotamia Beaked Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Mesopotamia beaked frog. Last seen in 1914. There has never been a documented through photographs. Suspicion was alive and berhabitat isolated in Colombia, for the frog is included in income by the IUCN list.

Bolitoglossa Jacksoni Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Bolitoglossa jacksoni. Frogs that can climb salamander is thought to have disappeared from Guatemala and was last seen in 1975. Frog salamander that has shades of yellow and black leather on his back. Allegedly disappeared due to an increase in agricultural land and settlements in Guatemala so as to make the life disappear. Current IUCN and San Carlos University, Guatemala has made a living over the frog this salamander.

Callizalus Pictus Laurent Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Laurent Callizalus pictus. This frog has habitat in the Congo and Rwanda. Has a body about 37 mm for males and 43 for females. Live in highland bamboo forest Itombwe. Because climate change is very drastic to make the frog disappears, and the latter still can be seen in 1950.

Rio Pescado Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Rio Pescado frog Atelopus Stubfoot or balios. Declared missing since last seen in April, 1995. Chytrid fungus which supposedly make it disappear from the circulation of animals. In addition degrasi and loss of habitat land is increasingly difficult for the frog lives. Balios Atelopus species live along the river and lowland rain forest in southwestern Ecuador. Popolasinya is expected to decline by more than 80% over three generations. But in September 2010 found the species is re-Toral Eduardo Contreras and Tapia Elicio.

Hynobius Turkestanicus Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Turkestanicus or Turkestanian Salamander Hynobius. Knowledge of the frog is very minimal. There are two species known only since the year 1909. The possibility of having habitat in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan or Uzbekistan. Based on information from the International Conservasi frog species has a function as a guard animal hygiene freshwater ecosystems and control of disease germs in the water, as one possibility as a painkiller for humans.

Scarlet Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Sorianoi or scarlet Atelopus frogs have a light orange color in his body. Living in an isolated forest, Paramito de San Francisco, near the town in southwestern Venezuela Guaraque. Last seen in 1990.

Hula Painted Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Discoglossus nigriventer or Hula painted frog habitat in the two regions on the eastern shore of the lake Huleh, Israel and possibly also in adjacent regions of Syria. Status last seen in 1955. Said to be disappearing because their habitat in the lake Huleh swamps in the 1950s in the drain to eradicate the malaria mosquito and agricultural land.

Rainbow Frog
Top 10 Most Wanted Frogs On Earth
Borneo frog or rainbow Sambas Stream Toad or known by the scientific name of Ansonia latidisca. Last seen in the 1950s. Habitat on the island of Borneo is Mount Damus, Borneo (Indonesia), and Mount Penrissen, in western Sarawak (Malaysia). This frog has a long body, such as gravel and rough-skinned colored like a rainbow of bright red, green, yellow and purple. According to Robin Moore frog amphibian experts are toxic and have a bright color as a disguised form of adjustment as the surrounding colors. Search conducted by an international conservation and the University Malaysia Sarawak in the forest mountains that lie between regions of Sarawak and West Borneo. While in 2011 these frogs have been found. With the invention of the Rainbow Borneo this frog may encourage research on the habitat and other inventions.

Before we really believe that all these top 10 most wanted frogs on earth are already extinct we better find it out by never stop looking ^_^ 


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