Top 7 Unique / Unusual Restaurants in The World

Here's a very unique thing for you, 7 Unusual Restaurant in the world. Do you like to travel? Do you like to eat something special or in some unusual manner? So this post is totally for you! Here you will find the most incredible and unusual restaurants in the world. From restaurant that located at the highest ground to the ones placed underwater, from children waiter/waitress to free food, everything is here. Believe me, after reading this post you'll know that there's so much in this world to explore, there's more in this world than just working our everyday job, let's go back to chasing our dream and make it come true, don't give up !!!

Kinderkookkafe Amsterdam, Netherlands - The uniqueness of this restaurant is that their serving staff consists only of children, because it is originally targeted for parents to have their child's birthday party here.

unique unusual restaurant in the world

Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo, USA - This is for anybody, you'll get 2 kg steak with garnish for free if you can eat it within an hour, but if you fail then you'll have to pay the regular.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 1
Big Texan Steak Ranch
Dinner in the Sky Brussel, Belgium - Have you ever have your lunch up in the air? Here in Belgium, Dinner in the sky Brussel, people can have their lunch table with guests suspended in the air.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 2
Dinner in the Sky
Chacaltaya ski resort Cordillera, Bolivia - This is what i'm talking about before, let me present to yoy the most highly placed restaurant in the world. 5340 meters
unique unusual restaurant in the world 3
Chacaltaya ski resort
De Kas Amsterdam, Netherlands - Healthy restaurant, this is all i can say about thiss restaurant, and also for you vegetarian, you'll love this place, vegetables are collected in the restaurant.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 4
De Kas Amsterdam
Ithaa Rangali Island, Maldives - Dining with flying fish, can you really eat in a place like this? here's an underwater restaurant for you.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 5
Ithaa Rangali Island
Modern Toilet Taipei, Taiwan - You are seated at a bathtub (your table) surrounded by toilets (your seats). Your food comes in your own sizzling toilet bowl with a little “poop” on the side.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 6
Modern Toilet

Honorable mentions:

BED New York, USA - Big beds instead of chairs
unique unusual restaurant in the world 7
BED New York
Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock, Australia - Astronomical dinner in the desert near the Uluru Rocks.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 8
Sounds of Silence
unique unusual restaurant in the world 9O’Noir Montreal, Canada - You will eat in darkness, sometimes with blind waiters.


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