Top 5 Best Laptop Concepts

These are the list for you, gadgets lovers, especially concepts, includes concepts made by laptop manufacturers for one particular purpose, the better future that is. Here it is...


top laptop concepts
 The laptop prototype of the future designed by Felix Shmidbergera. It has two OLED displays, one of which could be used as a keyboard or as an additional display. Also it has an unusual form, Compenion is a slider.

Unnamed Prototype by HP 
top laptop concepts 1
This is one of several concepts presented by Hewlett-Packard company at the end of 2006 during “HP Invent” event. This laptop is not an existing prototype, so it only shows how laptops will look like in future.

top laptop concepts 4

Designed by the studio V12 Design, another laptop of the future with two displays. Both are presumed to be touch with the support of technology multi-touch. Additional display can be useful for working with graphical editors, or drawing. While working with the text, the touch display can turn into a keyboard.

Unnamed Prototype by Fujitsu
top laptop concepts 2
top laptop concepts 3The current prototype from Fujitsu which was firstly presented at the CEATEC exhibition. In addition to a touch keypad with a backlight, the notebook has a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound and can function as a digital player, which is outside. There also are additional keys for music, and a small display, displaying information of the song playing, so that it would be possible to manage music without even opening the laptop.

Vaio Zoom
Authors of the conceptual laptop Vaio Zoom believe that users want to see such laptops in the future. Holographic Concept has a glass display and a touch keyboard. When the laptop is not used, the display becomes completely transparent, and the keyboard is opaque. At the same time the concept has, as you can see, a very, very thin shell. But since this is not the official concept of Sony, it is difficult to say whether it will ever become a reality.

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