Top 6 Best Concept Phones

People always wonder, does technology has its limit? NOPE, you can never imagine how far it could go beyond your expectation. Now let's look back for a moment, have you ever thought that nowadays most people use a touchscreen phones, just imagine that like 5 years ago, is it possible at that time? Not a hint, that's just a simple image of how technology have went from fast growing sector to something like lightning speed evolution.
Here is some nice mobile phone concepts for you ^_^

The iPhone 5
top concept phones

This week I’ve heard that Apple finally decided to go with Samsung as its next CPU maker, although TSMC seemed like the favourite for making the A6 for a while… Also, inside sources are saying that the same case size of the iPhone 4S will be kept, but the screen will be made bigger, so maybe we’re talking edge to edge display here. These are all usual rumors, that we’ll be hearing for a year now, till the iPhone 5 gets released…

Nokia N10
top concept phones 1
Nokia N10
 Here we are again, with a beautiful Nokia concept phone, this one created by Mohammed Shihuzaan. Dubbed the Nokia N10, this model is a triple boot phone, that runs Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Phone Mango and MeeGo Harmattan.

top concept phones 2
Onyx from Synaptics. This touch interface was designed to show what can a phone do through only one touch, as well as to illustrate how different applications can work simultaneously.

Nokia Scentsory. Is famous for its interesting form, and for the ability of pleasant smells, which can be set for each different caller (as a ringtone).
top concept phones 3
Asus Aura - touch phone with a large display and a sliding keyboard. Beautiful, convenient and… seem impossible before but it's everywhere nowadays. 
top concept phones 4
Asus Aura

top concept phones 5
Nokia Open
Nokia Open - a phone with a pullout flexible display.

top concept phones 6
Nokia 888
Nokia 888. Once this concept has shaken the minds and imagination of all those who have been closely following all the new developments and technologies in the field of mobile phones. Communicator-braslet has a flexible shell and flexible display, a touch interface, and can take any form. This concept became the winner of “Nokia Benelux Design Awards”.
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