Top 10 Smartest Animals On Earth

What is the smartest animal on earth? Wanna know? This is the top 10 smartest animals on Earth.

This vast earth still has lots of mystery on it. From the vast expanse of land and sea that seemed infinite creation of God, has yet to be explored entirely by humans as the most intelligent beings on it. No wonder the man appointed as the Caliph of the world by God to be able to lead other creatures. To be a smart leader, of course, also created other beings as smart pointer greatness of God, so that people do not arbitrarily in the world and remains always obey to its creator.

Here are the top 10 smartest animals on Earth that we know today:

These animals are very popular in Hollywood as "Animal Movies" most in demand than a dog. Chimpanzees are the smartest animals in the primate world, and scientists also acknowledge that they are the smartest animals in the world today.
Smartest Animals On Earth chimpanzee
Smartest Animals On Earth
These primates are from tropical forests in Africa. They live in groups, socializing with others, even to organize. They are creatures of the show resembles early human activity. They can make spears for hunting rabbits in a hole, picking fruit with a pole, break nuts with stones, and even fishing with a tree branch!
A professor from the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University named Tetsuro Matsuzawa, dedicating his life to researching this chimpanzee. He said that chimps can even beat the Japanese mathematics scholar at the memory test numbers 1-9. Surely the memory test is made as complicated as possible and at high speed.

Don't believe it? Here's the video:

Portia Labiata (Jumping Spiders)
These spiders inhabit many critical areas in mainland Africa, Asia, and Australia. This spider has been awarded by scientists as the world's most intelligent insects. From a variety of laboratory studies and direct observations in their habitat, the spider is a very impressive show.
Smartest Animals On Earth portia abiata jumping spider
Smartest Animals On Earth
Scientists have tried a variety of simple cases to the spiders to find out to what extent he can solve the problem. Proven spider can memorize the rhythm is given to scientists, even he can remember anything that selectively target is given.

Smartest Animals On Earth mouse
Smartest Animals On Earth
If you enjoyed movie such as Tom and Jerry, of course, we know how disturbing Tom is to Jerry. Seen in the film that the cat was more stupid than the mouse. But that's the truth (in my experience have a cat). Mouses are one of the clever and cunning creatures that are popularly used as an animal testing in laboratory.
Smartest Animals On Earth mouse tom jerry
Smartest Animals On Earth
Mice have a psychology that is almost similar to humans. They may feel stressed, sad, happy, and even regret. Mice also like a man can dream, dress up to attract a partner, and learn new things. Intelligence is widely used to identify various types of harmful food, disease, and even land mines!

One of the impressive ability of mice to humans is to solve a maze with speed, rarely even a human being could do that.

Back about the film. If the rat is described as being a lot smarter in the film, in contrast to the Ravens. Hollywood often described as being stupid crows who do not even know if the scarecrow is just a puppet. But Hollywood is totally wrong! Raven is actually one of the smartest birds ever created.
Smartest Animals On Earth raven
Smartest Animals On Earth
Crows live in groups and are very social towards one another. They even point out things remarkable in their daily activities. From direct observation in the crow's habitat in the area of ​​Palestine showed that crows apply the tools of their own making as a tool for their lives. They make a blade of grass hard to pick the fruit, using bread crumbs to fish out, or wait for passing cars and then steal the food is placed on the roof of the car.
In a story of Abel and Cain (the children of Adam), God ordered Cain to bury his brother as a raven to bury each other.

Border Collie
Smartest Animals On Earth border collie
Border Collie is a breed of dog that originated in Scotland, and is touted as the world's smartest dog. In the place of origin, these dogs are used by humans to herd cattle. Border Collie can solve complex problems that he had met while herding cattle. Livestock grazing is a difficult thing for people who are not used, but the Border Collie can learn it quickly.

These dogs are also often used in tracking and help to rescue the natural disasters that are difficult to track with technology. Of smell and remarkable intuition is what makes this dog to be useful for humans.

Smartest Animals On Earth octopusAll types of squid or bertentakel creature known to have the ability to solve problems, but for the octopus is incredible! Deep sea creatures have brains large enough to allow the sensor nerve for them to think quickly. From various experiments is given scientists, for example, put the crab in the jar, the octopus can open and catch it. Sometimes they even can be found in the hull were catching crabs.

The largest octopus ever found weighed 273 pounds and with a body up to 30 meters in length!

African Grey Parrot
Smartest Animals On Earth african grey parrotThe first time you watch a video about Einstein the parrot intelligent gray on Animal Planet, I was very impressed. Imagine, if you know the usual parrots can only mimic human speech, parrots this one can even answer questions that ask. Of course it needs work first.
The scientists who examined them said that this kind of parrot is the world's smartest parrot, or may not be excessive if the so-called world's most intelligent birds. These parrots can recognize dozens of questions that contain words from the simple to the most complex, recognizing dozens of colors, a variety of forms, and numerical values ​​are presented. Scientists believe birds could be developed to study the more remarkable.

Of all the types of elephants are there in this world, whether it's pygmy elephants and giant elephant, believed to have the same intelligence. Elephants have a wide variety of sharp senses, especially hearing and memory. Elephant brain is the largest brain of all land creatures living today.
Smartest Animals On Earth elephant
Smartest Animals On Earth
Elephant memory skills can be evidenced from how they remember the route and distance traveled on their way, considering the members of the colony, and their ability to distinguish calls to each other elephants. Elephants can even call the other elephants in the distance for miles feet with a shout, a trumpet, or by calling through the soil.

Smartest Animals On Earth elephant
Elephants also have a psychology that is almost similar to humans, they can laugh, cry, and angry. No wonder many elephant symbol of wisdom used by some of the old culture in the world. Elephants in the School in Lampung, elephants are trained to recognize various forms, to attraction, and even other elephants to paint!

Rhesus Macaque / Rhesus Monkey
Sometimes we assume that all types of monkeys are equally intelligent, it is because they are easy to train. But other scientists argue. Rhesus monkeys are considered the most intelligent monkey in the world. Monkey habitat is widely available in mainland Asia, particularly in Afghanistan, China, and India.
Smartest Animals On Earth rhesus macaque monkey

Rhesus monkeys are widely used by scientists to help the various studies. Among the various studies using the monkey is one of them is the mission sending monkeys into space. Oh yes, we should be able to distinguish between monkeys and other primates, because they are all different.
Besides having a high level of intelligence, Rhesus Monkey also has a psychological tendency that is similar to humans, even if they could commit suicide in despair!

Bottlenose Dolphin
Family of marine mammals are known to have exceptional intelligence. They are easily tamed and trained by humans. Among many of these intelligent marine mammals, bottle nose dolphins are the smartest.
Smartest Animals On Earth bottlenose dolphin
Smartest Animals On Earth
This Dolphin brain is larger than the type of brain other dolphins. In addition they have cerebral koteks 40% larger than humans. The cerebral cortex is a brain region that serves to social communication, information processing abstraction, problem solving, and intelligence in accepting new things.
The dolphins use sonar sound called echolocation to detect prey, danger warnings, as well as seeking colonies. This capability is used by the U.S. Navy (U.S. Navy) in a variety of research and mission of cleaning sea mines.
Smartest Animals On Earth bottlenose dolphin
Smartest Animals On Earth
Oh yes, when I look for dolphins know about this, I found a story about a bottlenose dolphins that saved small whales in New Zealand waters. It's an animal who likes to help.

So? How was our Top 10 Smartest Animals On Earth above compared to yours? Do you agree or do you not? You could share your thoughts just below ^_^


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