Top 10 Japanese Ways To See A Ghost

Wanna see the creepy thing, this could be it, the Top 10 Japanese Ways To See A Ghost, here's how:

Ghost, have you seen it? Some of us may be given the ability to see them, not a few people to avoid them because of their physical presence that sometimes makes us feeling the fear.

But you know there are people who intentionally try to see them, how? Here we got the information to let us see how the Japanese see the ghost, to tell you the truth we haven't try them to ourselves .. but if there are people who wants to try to please .. here's .. the following is how you do it ..

Term of Use:
1. marco and Topstuffz team will not be responsible for any damages of any kind from the use of the following ways.

Japanese Ways To See A Ghost
2. Method below is limited to information that is not recommended to be done, but if any of you who want to do it, you will be bound by the 1st law of these terms of use.

Japanese Ways To See A Ghost
1. A cornea transplant from a donor or a psychic who could see spirits / ghosts,

2. Attempted suicide during pregnancy,

3. Play the Glass spirit game,
Japanese Ways To See A Ghost
4. Tapping an empty bowl with chopsticks include enough food for three at the intersection to attract hungry spirits,

5. Playing hide and seek in the middle of the night while holding a black cat.

6. Rub the dirt from a grave on your eyes, not exactly on it, just around it will do fine,
Japanese Ways To See A Ghost
7. Open an umbrella while indoors,

Japanese Ways To See A Ghost8. Combing your hair in the middle of the night with candle light, staring into the mirror. (the candles placed in front of the mirror) <=== This method is said to be the most powerful!

9. Hunched over and look from between the legs, in an area that is considered haunted (There anyone behind your back? Hiiii!).

10. Dress up as a funeral wear during sleep. Ghost would believe that you are one of them.

Ought to try one of those Top 10 Japanese Ways To See A Ghost before you die maybe? Remember to do it on your own risk, ciao ^_^


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