Top 7 Best Discoveries Against Global Warming

Top 7 Best Discoveries Against Global Warming is the latest topic while we are limiting emissions is the best way to stop global warming, researchers worldwide are trying to find more efficient ways to save our planet from destruction is not far off the tip again if global carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase at the same speed. 

Environmental awareness has certainly led to many discoveries, energy-efficient technologies and alternative energy sources consumption. 

Below are the seven most amazing discovery for Global Warming.

The Floating House
Global warming not only increases the global temperature but also have taken the coastal areas. Flooding problems and a shortage of housing at the same time has led to the development of a unique houseboat. Houses like this first created by the company Dura Vermeer and installed in Maasbommel beach town in 2007. They consist of hollow cube that gives them the upthrust and allow them to float on water. Floating homes can withstand an increase of up to five meters in sea level.
Best Discoveries Against Global Warming

Best Discoveries Against Global Warming

Artificial Glaciers
Best Discoveries Against Global WarmingDeveloping countries like India-based agriculture is entirely dependent on rain and rivers. Rivers in India, Peru, Chile etc. and many countries depend on glaciers with melting glaciers is a major problem for States Agriculture. To overcome this problem a concept of creating an artificial glacier has been given by Chewang Norphel, a retired civil engineer in the Ladakh region of North India. These artificial glaciers provide water in the summer. Glaciers are created by collecting the water into a shallow pool is blocked by a rocky embankment. The water in the ponds are frozen by lowering the temperature of the ice sheet form. When summer comes the water is melted and used for growing crops. Largest artificial glacier with the size of one meter wide and 45 kilometers.

Heat and Drought Resistant Plants
Best Discoveries Against Global Warming
It is not difficult for humans to survive in the scorching heat but it is impossible for plants to survive in such conditions. Researchers used a method of selective breeding of plants to adapt to climate conditions. The behavior and characteristics of drought-tolerant species studied carefully and their features are added to the plants by genetic
engineering. Researchers have experimented with radishes and corn, and plant samples    tolerance to heat climate up to 40 percent better than conventional varieties. Similarly, tests conducted on wheat in Egypt which claimed to use one-eighth of the water used by conventional wheat plants.

Building Power Plants Sky scraper
Best Discoveries Against Global Warming
A unique building was designed by architect David Fisher in Dubai, where every floor rotates on a central axis independently of the other floors of the building. The shape of this building is constantly changing with the rotation of its floor. Environmentally friendly building is equipped with wind turbines between each floor that generates large amounts of energy that can power 10 similar-sized buildings. After designing green buildings for Dubai, Fisher is designing the tower the same for London, New York and Moscow.

Terraced Agriculture
Best Discoveries Against Global Warming
Producing plants closer to customers and using efficient techniques that will reduce wasted water and other resources used for agriculture. Dickson Despommier at Columbia University in New York City, stated that 80 percent of land available for agriculture is already being used and to feed more people by 2050 we need to produce crops on farms in the sky scraper. Solar power systems will be used to grow crops, and there will be provisions to recycle waste water and natural way. Plants will be safe from floods and droughts and the required amount of irrigation can be given.

Sun-powered Air Conditioner (AC)
Best Discoveries Against Global WarmingTemperature rises high in Australia have made the summer very hot and unbearable. Similarly there is a huge demand for air conditioning equipment in California. Mike Dennis, an engineer at the Australian National University has found an eco-friendly air conditioning concept that works on solar energy. This design is highly efficient and provide maximum cooling effect when the Sun is at its peak. It also provides hot water that can be used for other household purposes. Compressed air spray cooling with thermal energy out of the jet plane, and the heat lost in this process as the refrigerant evaporates.

Floating Cities
Best Discoveries Against Global Warming

Best Discoveries Against Global Warming
We have discussed the floating houses, on a similar idea to put the concept of floating city was created. Cities such as Sydney, New York, London, Jakarta (Maybe) which must invest large amounts on flood defense hopes to create cities like floating. Innovative and ingenious concepts have been granted by the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut and is believed to be a long term solution. The city can accommodate a sea of ​​50,000 refugees and could generate electricity using renewable sources including wind, wave and solar heat.

These top 7 best discoveries against global warming is probably best to know to atleast make us know better in helping this dying planet earth.


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