Top 10 Most Unique Aircraft Landing Spot On Earth

This top 10 list of the most unique aircraft landing spot on earth is a result of the survey of 1000 travel enthusiasts and pilots carried out by a network of private jet rental, urged voters to choose from a list of 28 airports or their own choice. 

The winner is the Barra airport that receives 22% of the vote. Licensed as an airfield in 1936, the plane landed at Traigh Mhor beach at the northern tip of the island. Today, according to media reports, Barra welcomed about 10 thousand flights per year.
Commenting on the results, Adam Twidell, CEO also an experienced pilot, said, "A survey of the exciting views on the use of the pleasure of flying for passengers and pilots. It's interesting to note that most of the airport on the list is a small airport."

Michael Galbraith, station manager of Barra airport support it, "It shows that when dealing with a perfect landing, a small can be more beautiful."

most unique aircraft landing spot on earth

Here are 10 of the best landing spot.

Barra Airport (Scotland, UK)
Small Airport Barra in Scotland, has a unique beach runway. The only thing in the world for aircraft schedule-dependent with the tide. Because once daily runway will be swept away by the tide.
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
The beach is also open for visitors to observe the ground first through a windsock (fabric tube is perforated top and bottom to show wind direction and speed) whether the airport operates. One voter said, "Beautiful scenery and was once in a lifetime opportunity to land on the beach."

London City Airport (London, UK)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
As the closest airport to central London, close to landing here provided beautiful views such as, Big Ben, London Eye and the 2012 Olympic Park. Here the landing path specified 5.8 degrees (typically 3 degrees) so it is more steep.
One voter said, "a thrilling landing with panoramic views of London."

Airport Jackson Hole (Wyoming, USA)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
Teton mountain background and entirely surrounded by spectacular scenery of Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole airport declared a national monument in the 1940s America. One voter commented, "The beauty of the Grand Teton is so amazing when close to Jackson Hole, especially at the beginning of the sunset! Amazing is one word for him."

Airport Aruba (Dutch Caribbean)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
Queen Beatrix International Airport is the gateway to the Caribbean island of Aruba. Located on the island's west coast, close to the airport this stunning scenery as you fly over the ocean.
It was originally a U.S. air base, and developed into an international airport in 1950. One voter commented, "You can see the sea islands to sea bounded by white lines. Painting is the best of nature."

Airport Male (Maldives)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and offers beautiful views of the islands of Maldives, Male airport (officially called the international airport Ibrahim Nasir) is located on the island of Hulhule, one of twenty-six atolls (ring-shaped coral island) Maldives closest to the capital island Male.
Was originally built by the 2250 work force of local volunteers in the 1960s. One of the fans said that, "You can sometimes see dolphins or turtles as it approached the runway."

Airport St Barts (French Caribbean)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
With a runway length of only 650 meters, Gustaf III Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy does not serve international flights, but only to service private aircraft propeller.
With the tight corners, hills, unusual wind conditions and a short runway, this is a challenging landing, and only the most qualified pilots and trained are able to land here. A penyukanya says, "like landing on aircraft carriers."

Airport Queenstown (New Zealand)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
Being in the South Island of New Zealand, landing in Queenstown offers birds eye view of the beauty of New Zealand, such as Lake Wakatipu and Southern Alps.
The airport is very busy in the winter when the slopes turn into one of the world's best skiing. A fan said, "The process of removing low landing sight range of the Alps, as you can see people skiing while still in the air. Simple and beautiful."

Gibraltar (British overseas territory)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
Gibraltar Airport is owned by the Ministry of Defence as RAF Gibraltar is the nearest airport in the world in the city center with a distance of about 500 meters. Pacunya foundation passed the main road so that the main road is closed every aircraft or land.
Gibraltar stone that looks solid on the side of the landing area makes an unusual wind patterns and turbulence. A voter said, "Challenging the wind and beautiful scenery-as well as feeling superior to time through the closed streets."

Airport Narvik (Norway)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
The airport is situated within the Arctic circle in northern Norway and is one of the most northern airport. Built in 1972 and originally used as a military airport. Landing path offers beautiful views of the winter landscape. A voter described it, "surrounded by arctic landscapes, mountains, lakes and fjords (a kind of bay which comes from the melt gletsjer / pile of ice is very thick and heavy)."

St Maateen (French / Dutch Caribbean)
most unique aircraft landing spot on earth
Princess Juliana Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten is very close to the beach, with a low-flying brings the tourists see the sights further down. Sunset bar area at the end of the runway is the main place that looks straight from the plane.
In a local ritual, the sensation of tension enthusiasts to "ride the fence" (up fences) while bursts of 747 jet to take off, wussss ... One fan said, "scary but brilliant."

That is the top 10 most unique aircraft landing spot on earth ^_^


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