Top 10 Final Fantasy Video Game Soundtracks

In this so called best Final Fantasy Soundtrack article, i will try and give my best to present to you a list of the best soundtrack from the hugely popular RPG video game, of course not all of you will agree with this list, and i am aware of that, so i'll be very thankful for those who may kindly give their opinion for me and everyone that's reading this article, just leave your comment ^_^. 
top final fantasy soundtrackEven though that's the case, i really hope most of you will find this article if not great, at least it will bring back so many nostalgic moments like what i felt while hearing these melodies. If you've played and enjoyed the game before, you'll definitely feel the same. because it is truly remarkable how this rather old melodies can't be forgotten so easily, i mean the moment you hear the opening of one of the molody/song you'll be brought right back into the old times, where you see yourself playing the game again.
So without further ado, here are my choices for the top 10 songs from the Final Fantasy series without any particular order:

Final Fantasy IX - Border Village Dali - Dali Theme
For those of you who played Final Fantasy IX will definitely feel the nostalgic effect throughout hearing this song, and even for those of you who haven't played the game you'll still like this song because of its slow and heart-warming melodies. 

Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali 
Final Fantasy VIII's soundtrack and amazing cutscenes were a huge evolution from what Square learned from FF7, and this was an extension of the successful orchestral composition first seen with "One-Winged Angel." This song fuses together everything that makes Final Fantasy games great from a sense of wonder to the heart-pumping intensity of battle. It really helps to pump you up just listening to it especially as the drums kick in, the vocals hauntingly sing the Latin lyrics, and the horns crescendo. Truly a masterpiece of a song and opening scene.

Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel 
The one song that needs no introduction to the majority of Final Fantasy fans around the world. You've heard that Final Fantasy VII revolutionized not only RPGs but the game industry in general. As the quality of graphics and cutscenes was something players had never seen before at the time, so too was this song, and it remains as one of the most memorable and loved songs of any game. A perfect song for one of the most twisted and popular villain of all time.

Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me
The Perfect song to end FInal Fantasy VIII with, sung by Faye Wong, this song is truly unforgettable, its ballad melodies will entertain you greatly. For FFVIII players, hearing this song you'll say, "hey, What game was this song on? Oh right, Final Fantasy VIII..." for sure. 

Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da Ne
One of the best Final Fantasy soundtrack ever. Lots of people said that, why? you know why, even if you don't know what its lyrics says, you'll love this song, if you happen to know the meaning of each lyrics of this song, you'll enjoy this song to the very core of yourself, that's all i can say.

Final Fantasy IX - Melodies Of Life
The one song that no matter if you hear the Original Japan Version or its English Version, you'll definitely drawn into it, well i have to admit watching the video above for you who have already played the game will entertain you even more.

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand
The opening song to the first entry on the Playstation 2, "To Zanarkand" really sets the game off on a strong foot. It's a haunting piano ballad that perfectly captures the emotion of the story's troubled world and characters. Seriously one of the most beautiful and powerful songs in the entire series. 

Final Fantasy VIII - Waltz for the Moon
When Squall and Rinoa waltzed their way across the dance floor to this song for the first time, it wasn't hard to see that this game was about to unravel an amazing love story unlike any preceding game in the series. It was a romantic song accompanying a cut scene that really helped establish Squall as a well-rounded, even awkward leading man.

Final Fantasy VIII - Main Theme
Because in the game Final Fantasy VII you'll have get used to be in world map for a very long time, we need a nice theme to accompany us while we explore the complexity of this remarkable world of fantasy, and this song can deliver for sure, you will get used to it, while you will not change or forget it, that's what this song able to do.

All Final Fantasy - Chocobo 
And last but not least, i gotta say this song is a must for every "best final fantasy song/melody" out there. Enjoy ^_^ 
I do not own all these videos, so credits to all the uploader of youtube videos.
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