Today we add to our collection of the top girls category, this is the top 10 sexiest women swimmers alive 2012, not really completing the already filled category, but rather to start pleasuring most men seeking for some lust effort, just to remind you all, we already shared


Still i'd like to present to you the top 5 most popular sesame street characters, even though most people probably already know about this, and the other reason that make me post this entry is that my niece loves elmo so much, she just can't take her eyes off this


We are going to present to you the top 8 Sexiest Women Athlete of all time. Not that you have to as you probably have visited some of our sexiest women based on their profession before like the Top 10 sexiest female footballer or the top 5 sexiest women racers in the world....


This year is arguably for mobile devices. Delivery of mobile phones and tablets at this year allegedly has exceeded that of personal computers. So let's take a look at the top 10 best smartphones of 2012....

Top 10 Sexiest Korean Woman Alive 2011

Top 10 sexiest korean woman alive, for those of you who are not familiar, the korean intertainment industry is very prrosperous in east asia, it offers a great deal of influence across asian countries.

Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World

Here it is the top 10 of the most beautiful places in the world, probably... It makes it more amazing that some of these places actually made from natural will, could you believe that?

Top 8 Best Movies With Surprise Ending

This is the list of that kind of movie that actually makes us think hard to tell the ending of a movie, then when we do have any idea of how the movie might end, turn out we were wrong....

Daily Treat: 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration

It's the year 2012, the year of the water dragon for the chinese people and actually for the rest of the world too, check out these beautiful collection of photos from the chinese new year celebration....


What is in your mind when hearing the word hacker? People dressed like nerds with thick glasses? Get rid of that as the first image. As it turns out, check out this girls below, they are the top 5 sexiest...


3D Street Art is not just a regular picture, because to make it, the required accuracy in measuring objects and estimating that it is painted so that it can produce three-dimensional paintings that seem alive and real....


I guess we gotta admit that most of us will never visit the Arctic Circle, so instead we can take a look at the top 13 of the most exotic arctic animals on earth - and the inhabitants of northern regions are very pleased with it.

Top 10 Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

For today, how about we check out the top 10 photos of unluckiest moments around the world? it will certainly be fun, right?

I know this probably is not a good idea, you know, to share with everyone the unluckiest moments that happens to probably someone we know out there. But hey, all is already happened, there could be no more harm.
But, why don't we just take the positive side of the things that already happens, even though it didn't happen to ourselves.
After seeing this we will learn not to try and do the things that could possibly cause those things to happens, so that we could avoid it all.
Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

Photos Of Unluckiest Moments

After checking out those top 10 photos of unluckiest moments around the world, i guess now we realize that our unlucky moments aren't that bad after all huh?

Top 7 Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen

This will makes you go wow !!! the top 7 Incredible Natural Phenomena that you've never seen, believe me... prepare and begin..

Idaho's Fire Rainbow
The atmospheric phenomenon known as a circumhorizon (tal) arc, or "Fire rainbow", appears when the sun is high in the sky (i.e., higher than 58° above the horizon), and its light passes through diaphanous, high-altitude cirrus clouds made up of hexagonal plate crystals. Sunlight entering the crystals' vertical side faces and leaving through their bottom faces is refracted (as through a prism) and separated into an array of visible colors. 
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
When the plate crystals in cirrus clouds are aligned optimally (i.e., with their faces parallel to the ground), the resulting display is a brilliant spectrum of colors reminiscent of a rainbow.
The example shown above was captured on camera as it hung for about an hour across a several-hundred square mile area of sky above northern Idaho (near the Washington border) on 3 June 2006.

Venezuela's Everlasting Storm
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
The mysterious "Relámpago del Catatumbo" (Catatumbo lightning) is a unique natural phenomenon in the world. Located on the mouth of the Catatumbo river at Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), the phenomenon is a cloud-to-cloud lightning that forms a voltage arc more than five kilometre high during 140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours a night, and as many as 280 times an hour. This almost permanent storm occurs over the marshlands where the Catatumbo River feeds into Lake Maracaibo and it is considered the greatest single generator of ozone in the planet, judging from the intensity of the cloud-to-cloud discharge and great frequency. 
The area sees an estimated 1,176,000 electrical discharges per year, with an intensity of up to 400,000 amperes, and visible up to 400 km away. This is the reason why the storm is also known as the Maracaibo Beacon as light has been used for navigation by ships for ages. The collision with the winds coming from the Andes Mountains causes the storms and associated lightning, a result of electrical discharges through ionised gases, specifically the methane created by the decomposition of organic matter in the marshes. Being lighter than air, the gas rises up to the clouds, feeding the storms. Some local environmentalists hope to put the area under the protection of UNESCO, as it is an exceptional phenomenon, the greatest source of its type for regenerating the planet's ozone layer.

Honduras' Rain of Fishes
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never SeenThe Rain of Fish is common in Honduran Folklore. It occurs in the Departamento de Yoro, between the months of May and July. Witnesses of this phenomenon state that it begins with a dark cloud in the sky followed by lightning, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain for 2 to 3 hours. Once the rain has stopped, hundreds of living fish are found on the ground. People take the fish home to cook and eat them. Since 1998 a festival known as "Festival de la Lluvia de Peces" (Rain of Fish Festival) is celebrated every year in the city of Yoro, Departamento de Yoro, Honduras. 

Morocco's Climbing Goats
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never SeenGoats on trees are found mostly only in Morocco. The goats climb them because they like to eat the fruit of the argan tree, which is similar to an olive. Farmers actually follow the herds of goats as they move from tree to tree. Not because it is so strange to see goats in trees and the farmers like to point and stare, but because the fruit of the tree has a nut inside, which the goats can't digest, so they spit it up or excrete it which the farmers collect. The nut contains 1-3 kernels, which can be ground to make argan oil used in cooking and cosmetics. This oil has been collected by the people of the region for hundreds of years, but like many wild and useful things these days, the argan tree is slowly disappearing due to over-harvesting for the tree's wood and overgrazing by goats. 

Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
As a result a group of people and organizations have banded together to try to save the tree. To do so one of the primary locations where the trees grow has been declared a biosphere preserve. It was also decided that by making the world aware of the oil, it's great taste and supposed anti-aging properties, would create a demand for it. However, the people who planned to market the oil could not envision people wanting to put an oil on their food or their face that was collected from goat excrement. As a result, a campaign is being led to ban grazing on the trees by goats during certain parts of the year to allow the fruit to ripen and fall off on its own. The fruit is then collected and turned into oil by oil cooperatives. So far, this arrangement seems to be working. (Photo: Remo Saviaar) 

Brazilian's longest wave on the Earth
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
Twice a year, between the months of February and March, the Atlantic Ocean waters roll up the Amazon river, in Brazil, generating the longest wave on the Earth. The phenomenon, known as the Pororoca, is caused by the tides of the Atlantic Ocean wich meet the mouth of the river. This tidal bore generates waves up to 12 feet high which can last for over half an hour. 
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen

The name "Pororoca" comes from the indigenous Tupi language, where it translates into "great destructive noise". The wave can be heard about 30 minutes before its arrival, and it's so powerful that it can destroy anything, including trees, local houses and all kind of animals. 
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
The wave has become popular with surfers. Since 1999, an annual championship has been held in São Domingos do Capim. However, surfing the Pororoca is especially dangerous, as the water contains a significant amount of debris from the margins of the river (often, entire trees). The record that we could find for surfing the longest distance on the Pororoca was set by Picuruta Salazar, a brazilian surfer who, in 2003, managed to ride the wave for 37 minutes and travel 12.5 kilometers. A surfer's dream: riding an almost never-ending wave.

Kerala's (extraterrestrial?) Red Rain
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
From 25 July to 23 September 2001, red rain sporadically fell on the southern Indian state of Kerala. Heavy downpours occurred in which the rain was coloured red, staining clothes with an appearance similar to that of blood. Yellow, green, and black rain was also reported. 

Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never SeenIt was initially suspected that the rains were coloured by fallout from a hypothetical meteor burst, but a study commissioned by the Government of India found that the rains had been coloured by airborne spores from a locally prolific terrestrial alga. Then in early 2006, the coloured rains of Kerala suddenly rose to worldwide attention after media reports of a conjecture that the coloured particles were extraterrestrial cells, proposed by Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar of the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam. The terrestrial origins of the solid material in the red rain were supported by an investigation into the isotopic ratios of nitrogen and carbon. 

Denmark's Black Sun
Incredible Natural Phenomena That You've Never Seen
During spring in Denmark, at approximately one half an hour before sunset, flocks of more than a million European starlings (sturnus vulgaris) gather from all corners to join in the incredible formations shown above. This phenomenon is called Black Sun (in Denmark), and can be witnessed in early spring throughout the marshlands of western Denmark, from March through to the middle of April. The starlings migrate from the south and spend the day in the meadows gathering food, sleeping in the reeds during the night.

How's that for your knowledge treat? This top 7 Incredible Natural Phenomena that you've never seen, really makes you go WOW, isn't it? If so stay tune for the next big thing... ^_^

Top 7 Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True

This will brought to you all the top 7 Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True, will you root for this, then how about the 2012 doomsday prophecy? will it really come true too? that is the real bigges question that we'll find out on our own in about half more year, let's just wait patiently and see whatever will come to us humans.

Tana Hoy predicts Oklahoma City Bombing
American Tana Hoy is a psychic medium who claims to not only hear guides and spirits, but to see them physically as well. Hoy was doing a live radio program in 1995 in Fayetteville, NC, when he predicted a deadly terrorist attack on a building in Oklahoma City. Just 90 minutes later, tragedy struck at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building when Timothy McVeigh and his accomplices orchestrated what was the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil prior to 9/11/01.
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True
Hoy had also reported his prediction to the FBI four months before the attack. 

Jeffrey Palmer predicted volcano eruption, tsunamis, and Hurricane Katrina
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came TrueAustralian psychic Jeffry R. Palmer makes a lot of predictions, some of which come true, and some of which do not. Palmer accurately predicted the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean volcano eruption and ensuing tsunamis off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Over 230,000 people in fourteen countries were killed during these devastating natural disasters.
Palmer also accurately predicted the discovery that Korea was testing nuclear weapons, but he gained international recognition for predicting 2005's Hurricane Katrina, a storm that claimed 1,836 lives and is still among the top five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the U.S.

Edgar Cayce predicts everything from both World Wars to Presidential deaths
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True
American Edgar Cayce, sometimes referred to as "The Sleeping Prophet," is perhaps the most well-known psychic of the twentieth century. Cayce was able to put himself in a meditative state, during which he could answer questions about time, space, reincarnation, spirituality, and current and future events -- all with startling accuracy.

Cayce is credited with predicting the start and end of World Wars I and II, the end of The Great Depression, the deaths of sitting Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

Jeane Dixon
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came TrueJeane Dixon was an astrologer in the 1960′s who became both a syndicated columnist and a pseudo-celebrity when First Lady Nancy Reagan sought her advice during Ronald Reagan presidency. Dixon is most famous for accurately predicting the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the death of Martin Luther King. 
Dixon's hit or miss predictions inspired a mathematician to coin the phrase, "The Dixon Effect," which claims that people tend to remember the accurate predictions while ignoring a large number of inaccurate predictions. (Link 1 | Link 2)

Mark Twain
Famed American writer Mark Twain (nee Samuel Clemens) is not known for his psychic predictions, yet he made several startling predictions during his lifetime that proved to be eerily accurate. First of all, Twain predicted his own death; he was born in 1835 when Halley's Comet was visible, and he predicted that he would die when Halley's Comet was visible again. Sure enough, Twain died in 1910 when the comet was again visible in the night sky.
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True
Twain also foresaw his brother's death, having a prophetic dream in which he saw his brother laid out in a coffin resting between two folding chairs in his sister's living room. A few weeks later, his brother Henry was killed in a boating accident, and when Twain entered his sister's parlor he saw that his brother had been arranged just as he'd envisioned in his dream, complete with a specific flower arrangement resting on his chest.

Psychic Twins predict 9/11
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True
Terry and Linda Jamison are twins who "share one soul," and they claim that they predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 while giving an interview on a morning radio program in 1999. The twins also claim to have predicted several major advances in medical research, including this research study in 2011, as well as advances in Alzheimer's Disease, Wiki-Links leaks, and a number of natural disasters across the globe. (Link | Photo)

Nostradamus predicts Napoleon, Hitler, and 9/11
No article about psychic predictions would be complete without mentioning fourteenth century French physician Nostradamus. Nostradamus published over a thousand psychic predictions, and historians have now determined that over half of them have come true today. 
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True
Perhaps the most notable of his predictions are about the three "anti-Christs" who would come to have significant effects on society, as a whole. The first is thought to be about Napoleon, a vicious ruler often called a "butcher" even by his supporters:
"An Emperor shall be born near Italy. Who shall cost the Empire dear, They shall say, with what people he keeps company He shall be found less a Prince than a butcher. "
The second anti-Christ, whom Nostradamus referred to as, "a man stained with murder...the great enemy of the human who was worse than any who had gone before...bloody and inhuman," is thought to be Adolph Hitler:
"Out of the deepest part of the west of Europe, From poor people a young child shall be born, Who with his tongue shall seduce many people, His fame shall increase in the Eastern Kingdom. 
Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True
Adolf Hitler, who was known to be a skilled public speaker who seduced millions of his countrymen into performing unspeakable acts of hatred, was born in Austria of poor parents. Nostradamus even predicted that Hitler would die alone, and that "The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister." (Note that he was just one letter off from actually calling Hitler by name).

Some people think that the third anti-Christ is either Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, since Nostradamus predicted that he would come from the Middle East:
"Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed... He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He will be the terror of mankind. Never more horror. "
Moreover, Nostradamus discusses events that sound shockingly like the attacks against Americans on September 11, 2001:
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. 
Fire approaches the great new city. 

In this phrase, Nostradamus refers to a great city in the new world of America near forty-five degrees latitude. Experts agree this could only be New York. 
"The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city. By fire he will destroy their city, A cold and cruel heart, Blood will pour, Mercy to none."
After reading the list of Amazing Psychic Predictions That Really Came True above what's left now is to find out if the 2012 end of the world prophecy will really come true, hmm... Let's just wait and see.

Top 10 Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

I should say that this kind of photos are actually a lot on the internet, but at least we could consider this as the Top 10 Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped, we take a look at these photos and on some of them you definitely won't believe that it is natural as in not edited in photoshop or any other photo editing softwares.

But before you take that into your considerations i could guarantee you that all of these photos below are not photoshopped at all, yes you heard me right, it is the right moment to say WOW!!!

First we take a look at this photo of a kid trying to lick the fantasy ice cream the cloud cream:
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

Then take a look at Dean Potter's most recent solo walk at Taft Point in Yosemite by Photographer Jeff Cunningham.
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

Sleeping on Heaven:
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

Apparently, the model was just jumping! Check out below:
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

(The left-hand side is a mirror, and the right-hand side is clear glass, with another girl standing on the other side).
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

At the top of 360 feet tall Victoria Falls there is a natural rock pool, called Devil's Pool, where the water is relatively calm. From September to December, when the water level is low, you can swim in Devil's Pool. The pictures are bound to make you just a little nervous. Or a lot.
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

It looks Photoshopped, but this Magic Tap fountain actually has a pipe hidden in the stream of water. Located in Aqualand, Spain.
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

This definitely looks photoshopped but actually it's a life-size photographic work based on the original building in Paris, printed on canvas, enhanced with bas-relief. It shelters the renovation of an Hausmannian building during the year 2007. The project is named"39GeorgeV" is an urban surrealism manifesto.
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

The Human Fly, a dare devil/stunt performer named Rick Rojatt, lives out the Marvel Comics character on the back of a DC-8 cruising low at 250 knots, flown by Clay Lacy at the Mojave California 1000 air races.
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

Adventures of Mr. Fly (although not photoshopped we must tell you the fly is dead).
Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped

So, having ideas on taking those kind of photos? If so, let us make another Top 10 Real Illusion Photos Not Photoshopped collection, i'll definitely put it up on this blog.

Top 7 Scariest Haunted Houses In The World

To say the least about the Top 7 Scariest Haunted Houses In The World, we are quite sure that some of you are saying that there are no such thing as ghosts… So we look for IT from around the globe to bring you the spookiest of the creepiest, scariest places, and some of the unexplained events, that have happened there. Don't believe us? Then go ahead - we DARE you to spend the night!! All these below is what we found:

The Whaley House
Nestled within sunny San Diego's “Old Town” is one of the world's most enduring haunted house legends. Built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley, the brick house occupies the spot where Yankee Jim Robinson was publicly hanged years earlier. 
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World The Whaley House
Add to that the suicide of Violet Whaley in 1885 and other Whaley family deaths over the last century, and you've got a house so crowded with ghosts that it regularly appears on “Most Haunted” lists. Heck, even Regis Philbin says he saw a ghost there, so how much more authentic can you GET?!

The White House
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World The White House
That's right, the world's most famous residence is also its most haunted. Think about it. If YOU were President of the Free World, you might want to stick around these historic digs, long after your term ended. The first president to reside here was John Adams, and according to many accounts, he has been there ever since. 

Scariest Haunted Houses In The World The White HouseHis wife, Abagail, also continues to make herself at home, and there have been reports of her spirit carrying linens in the East Room. Andrew Jackson, Dolly Madison, and, of course, the Lincolns, are here as well; numerous sightings of Old Abe have been noted over the years, and Winston Churchill refused to spend the night after one ghostly encounter. If you don't believe it's true, just look at a picture of any president before and then AFTER they have finished their term – all of them have gray hair. Could it be from seeing a spirit?!

The Tower of London
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World The Tower of London
Running almost neck and – er – neck is this famous foreboding abode, the former prison of some of England's most notorious figures, many of whom where hung or beheaded within. One of the most notable is Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII, who lost his head when she was unable to produce a male heir. Subsequently, it was she that lost her head, and her headless apparition can still be seen within the so-called Bloody Tower. One area, known as the Salt Tower, is so spooky that dogs refuse to enter. In 1864, a soldier who passed out from fright after doing battle with a ghostly apparition was acquitted for neglecting his duty when two other soldiers corroborated his story.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World Edinburgh CastleIs this castle really haunted? Over the centuries, headless drummers, ghost dogs, and spirit pipers have been regularly reported, but actual proof was hard to come by. Then, on April 6, 2001, one of the largest scientific investigations into paranormal activity began. For 10 days, carefully screened volunteers from around the world, who had no knowledge of the place, were asked to explore the 900-year-old Scottish citadel. Their reports surprised investigators, because the sights, sounds and sensations they reported closely matched previously documented phenomena, including shadowy figures, unseen presences, and even mysterious tugging of clothing. 

The Schooner Hotel, UK
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World The Schooner Hotel
Jolly Old England is host to one of the oldest and most haunted hotels in the world. 

Scariest Haunted Houses In The World The Schooner Hotel
King George III, as well as Charles Dickens, had stayed here over the course of its history, and it is still open for overnight guests today. But would you stay? The British Poltergeist Society has proclaimed it The Most Haunted Hotel in Great Britain. And there have been over 3,000 sightings in the past few years. If you do decide to stay there, you might want to avoid rooms 17 and 28, as grisly murders and ghostly apparitions seem to be as commonplace there as afternoon tea.

LaLaurie House, New Orleans
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World LaLaurie HouseIn the early 1800s, Madame LaLaurie was the toast of New Orleans, and the mansion she lived in reflected her status. It was discovered that, behind the veneer, she was a cruel woman who tortured her slaves. When one servant set fire to the house, and mutilated slaves were later pulled from the devastation, the family fled, never to set foot in Louisiana again. Over the years, the house has been bought, and then quickly abandoned by the new owners because of unexplained events. It was even a “Haunted Saloon” at one point, and the owner kept a record of ghostly sightings. Nowadays, it has been converted to high-end apartments, but recently one of LaLaurie's hidden graveyards was discovered within the floorboards. What would Regis say?!

Bhangarh Fort, India
Scariest Haunted Houses In The World Bhangarh Fort
This ancient Indian fortress is so haunted even the Government restricts entrance. Large signs put up by the Archaeological Survey of India dot the grounds, strictly forbidding visitors from sunset to sunrise. And THEY'RE such pussies they put their offices a kilometer away! Why? Legend has it, it all started with a beautiful woman (of course!), and an evil magician that put a curse on the town when she spurned him. War and famine followed suit, and the fort was abandoned in the 1700s. Visitors today still feel a sense of restlessness and unease in the air.

Now that we've already warned you, i know that some of you would still not be convinced even at all, and maybe some of you are challenged to go to those Top 7 Scariest Haunted Houses In The World instead, if so, just do it on your own risk!

Top 8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy or Sell

You think you rich people already know what you wanna buy and what you need to buy? well, not before you check out this very post here, this is the Top 8 Really Bizarre Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy or Sell, well we also got things you could sell for you people who needed money too... 

Someone to stand in line for you: $36 per hour
Do you live in Washington DC and are tired of waiting long hours in line? Well, provides persons to stand in line anywhere in the greater Washington DC area, and specializes in United States Congressional hearings and their respective committees. You can order online and get a stander to wait at your chosen designation until they are able to rendezvous with you, the attendee. 
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
The company also creates a sign with a name of your choice so you can easily identify the stander in line. How cool is that?

A prison cell upgrade: $90 a night
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
In Santa Ana, California, and some other cities, nonviolent offenders can pay for a clean, quiet, jail cell, without any non-paying prisoners to disturb them.

An Indian surrogate mother: $8,000
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
Western couples seeking surrogates increasingly outsource the job to India, and the price is less than one-third the going rate in the United States.

Your doctor's cellphone number: $1,500 per year
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
A growing number of “concierge” doctors offer cellphone access and same-day appointments for patients willing to pay annual fees ranging from $1,500 to $25,000.

Human guinea pig in a drug safety trial for a pharmaceutical company: $7,500
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
Serving as a human guinea pig in a drug safety trial for a pharmaceutical company is valued at $7,500. The pay can be higher or lower, depending on the invasiveness of the procedure used to test the drug's effect, and the discomfort involved.

Access to the carpool lane while driving solo: $8
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
Minneapolis, San Diego, Houston, Seattle, and other cities have sought to ease traffic congestion by letting solo drivers pay to drive in carpool lanes, at rates that vary according to traffic. 

Human Plasma: $35 per donation
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
If you're looking to make some quick cash you can always donate your plasma, the clear yellowish fluid portion of the blood that transports water and nutrients to all the cells in the body and is used for transfusions for people who have suffered shock, burns or trauma. Although your body quickly replenishes its supply of plasma, there are a few precautions you should take before using yourself as an organic ATM and donating plasma from your blood.

Fight in Somalia or Afghanistan for a private military contractor: up to $1,000 a day
Things You Did not Know You Could Buy or Sell
The pay varies according to qualifications, experience, and nationality. 

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