Today we add to our collection of the top girls category, this is the top 10 sexiest women swimmers alive 2012, not really completing the already filled category, but rather to start pleasuring most men seeking for some lust effort, just to remind you all, we already shared


Still i'd like to present to you the top 5 most popular sesame street characters, even though most people probably already know about this, and the other reason that make me post this entry is that my niece loves elmo so much, she just can't take her eyes off this


We are going to present to you the top 8 Sexiest Women Athlete of all time. Not that you have to as you probably have visited some of our sexiest women based on their profession before like the Top 10 sexiest female footballer or the top 5 sexiest women racers in the world....


This year is arguably for mobile devices. Delivery of mobile phones and tablets at this year allegedly has exceeded that of personal computers. So let's take a look at the top 10 best smartphones of 2012....

Top 10 Sexiest Korean Woman Alive 2011

Top 10 sexiest korean woman alive, for those of you who are not familiar, the korean intertainment industry is very prrosperous in east asia, it offers a great deal of influence across asian countries.

Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World

Here it is the top 10 of the most beautiful places in the world, probably... It makes it more amazing that some of these places actually made from natural will, could you believe that?

Top 8 Best Movies With Surprise Ending

This is the list of that kind of movie that actually makes us think hard to tell the ending of a movie, then when we do have any idea of how the movie might end, turn out we were wrong....

Daily Treat: 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration

It's the year 2012, the year of the water dragon for the chinese people and actually for the rest of the world too, check out these beautiful collection of photos from the chinese new year celebration....


What is in your mind when hearing the word hacker? People dressed like nerds with thick glasses? Get rid of that as the first image. As it turns out, check out this girls below, they are the top 5 sexiest...


3D Street Art is not just a regular picture, because to make it, the required accuracy in measuring objects and estimating that it is painted so that it can produce three-dimensional paintings that seem alive and real....


I guess we gotta admit that most of us will never visit the Arctic Circle, so instead we can take a look at the top 13 of the most exotic arctic animals on earth - and the inhabitants of northern regions are very pleased with it.

Top 6 Best Concept Phones

People always wonder, does technology has its limit? NOPE, you can never imagine how far it could go beyond your expectation. Now let's look back for a moment, have you ever thought that nowadays most people use a touchscreen phones, just imagine that like 5 years ago, is it possible at that time? Not a hint, that's just a simple image of how technology have went from fast growing sector to something like lightning speed evolution.
Here is some nice mobile phone concepts for you ^_^

The iPhone 5
top concept phones

This week I’ve heard that Apple finally decided to go with Samsung as its next CPU maker, although TSMC seemed like the favourite for making the A6 for a while… Also, inside sources are saying that the same case size of the iPhone 4S will be kept, but the screen will be made bigger, so maybe we’re talking edge to edge display here. These are all usual rumors, that we’ll be hearing for a year now, till the iPhone 5 gets released…

Nokia N10
top concept phones 1
Nokia N10

Top 7 Unique / Unusual Restaurants in The World

Here's a very unique thing for you, 7 Unusual Restaurant in the world. Do you like to travel? Do you like to eat something special or in some unusual manner? So this post is totally for you! Here you will find the most incredible and unusual restaurants in the world. From restaurant that located at the highest ground to the ones placed underwater, from children waiter/waitress to free food, everything is here. Believe me, after reading this post you'll know that there's so much in this world to explore, there's more in this world than just working our everyday job, let's go back to chasing our dream and make it come true, don't give up !!!

Kinderkookkafe Amsterdam, Netherlands - The uniqueness of this restaurant is that their serving staff consists only of children, because it is originally targeted for parents to have their child's birthday party here.
unique unusual restaurant in the world

Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo, USA - This is for anybody, you'll get 2 kg steak with garnish for free if you can eat it within an hour, but if you fail then you'll have to pay the regular.
unique unusual restaurant in the world 1
Big Texan Steak Ranch

Top 5 Best Laptop Concepts

These are the list for you, gadgets lovers, especially concepts, includes concepts made by laptop manufacturers for one particular purpose, the better future that is. Here it is...

top laptop concepts
 The laptop prototype of the future designed by Felix Shmidbergera. It has two OLED displays, one of which could be used as a keyboard or as an additional display. Also it has an unusual form, Compenion is a slider.

Unnamed Prototype by HP 
top laptop concepts 1
This is one of several concepts presented by Hewlett-Packard company at the end of 2006 during “HP Invent” event. This laptop is not an existing prototype, so it only shows how laptops will look like in future.

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